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How Can I Help My Non-Muslim Husband Accept Islam?

07 February, 2024
Q Salam. I am a new Muslim Alhamdulillah since March. I have been married for 13 years. I have tried to make my husband love Islam, which is difficult in our culture (I am Hispanic/Latina). He is a Catholic Christian. He went to the mosque, but it was shocking for him (and for me as well); they told us we need to get separated.

We have always been together in all major events in our life. We married young (I was 18 he was 22 or 23), so we have grown up together. It was hard for him not to sit at my side (for me too).

The sister at the mosque was wonderful and welcoming and I felt comfortable right away, but the brother said I should not even say salam to my husband. They looked at him like he was the stranger (my husband does not have a tattoo and wore formal clothing). Was it because we are different in appearance? Or are Muslim men not so welcoming like sisters?

I do not go to the mosque much. I feel like I am laud and over the top compared to my sisters. I gave my husband books and the Quran that he reads every day now. How can I help him to be more involved in the mosque? It is hard when I am in the different room. My husband is shy and introvert. What to do?


Salam Aleikom,

In this video, you will learn:

• Don’t feel ashamed of who you are.

• Why you might meet people at the mosque that are not so welcoming.

• Create some space for your husband to contemplate on what he learns about Islam.

• Don’t force him; just pray to Allah.

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