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He Left Me Because I Have Bipolar Disorder

14 October, 2019
Q Assalamualaikum,

I have issues in maintaining relationships and every time I start a relation it either ends because the other person leaves me or because my parents don’t agree to me getting married.

Currently, I’m in a very miserable state because I sparked a relationship with a guy when my depression was at a peak and I wasn’t on my medication. He helped me seek help as well as promised to stay with me and showed me that he loves me the most. He knew everything about my prior diagnosis of histrionic and bipolar disorder and said he didn’t mind handling my mood disorder.

However, he then only talked with his brother once and when he was denied from getting married to me at the time he didn’t hesitate to step away and cut off our relationship. He told me it was over between us and though it is difficult for me as well I can never talk to my parents.

I feel like I am torn apart. I was able to envision for us a promising future and stable life, something which I could have never wished for but then he left. I feel like he might return, but I want to become a strong person and assess if it is a result of my mental illness or if it is something else. However, I feel too helpless that nowadays I tend to take sleeping pills to avoid situations.


Salam Aleikom,

 In this counseling video, you will learn:

Involve your parents in the marriage process

Sort out your mental health problem first, get stable before getting married

Seek help from therapy and medication

Your friends, doing things that you enjoy will boost your mental health


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