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How to Reduce Shyness & Gain Self-Confidence

20 September, 2023
Q Assalamu Alaykum, I am a graduate of information technology. I lived with my sisters, and our parents passed away years ago. I am a very shy person and I’ve become aware that being very shy is affecting my performance especially in school and madrasa, and prevents me from being flexible and confident about my ability. I don't mind being shy and I love being myself because of Allah love shy people, however, I think being very shy is not good at all. I want to improve myself, however, there is no workshop for self-improvement courses here in our place and neither a psychologist. I want to strengthen my verbal communication skill because I am so very bad at it due to shyness and it causes my voice to be inaudible. I always ruined my job interview because of this and find it hard to find one. They say I have the technical skills however I don’t have good communication skills. I always read the duaa of Musa A.S and it always calm me, and I never fail to prepare and practice. But when the time comes for an interview, I always fail to say what I practice. Pls help me, how can I reduce my shyness, and gain self-confidence and how can I improve my verbal communication?



As-Salamu Aleikom dear sister,

Thank you for your question and for placing your trust in our ability to answer and propose a solution. You’re right in the sense that Allah (swt) loves shy people but you are confusing the type of shyness Allah (swt) addresses….

Kindly listen to the audio below in which our counselor, sister Madiha Sadaf, replies your question.

In the response, you will learn:

– The source of shyness.

– Practical tips to overcome uncertainty & gain self-confidence.

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