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Husband Is Giving Dawah All the Time; What About Our Children?

27 June, 2023
Q Assalamu Alaikum. I need some advice on how to handle our current situation. My husband is part of a dawah team and he goes out every Saturday to give dawah and Subhan Allah also gives training. This past weekend he was busy from Friday. He did dawah on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I asked him to please give the kids some time as they hardly get to spend time with their dad due to his hectic schedule. So, he promised to spend Monday with them but that never happened. On Monday he told me he had to drop some items off for some of his dawah brothers and he did not return until half an hour before iftar time. He said he got caught up in a discussion about Islam with a non-Muslim gentleman.

I understand his passion and I love him even more for it but it’s upsetting to see my daughter refusing to go to her father and see my son getting distressed whenever his father leaves. They're too young to understand that their dad does this for Allah. And this isn't the first instance. It's happened many times. How should I tackle this because I am feeling angry and extremely frustrated with him and I refused to talk to him because I was afraid of saying something hurtful out of anger.


Islam is about balance. We are required to find the middle path and not go to extremes, even in our worship.

Those who are involved in dawah or other Islamic activities still need to take care of their responsibilities and spend time with their families and children.

This is part of the Islamic duty of Muslim parents.

If you feel that your husband is not involved enough with his kids, talk to him.

Let him know that you appreciate his dawah efforts. Ask him to let his children also benefit more from his good character and knowledge.

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