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Manager Forces Me To Commit Haraam

29 January, 2023
Q As-Salaamu Alaykum. I work in a company. My senior sometimes tells me to do haraam things related to my job. I really dislike it, but I must do it since he is my manager. I really feel guilty at times because I know it is haraam. My salary from this job is my only source of income and sometimes my family relies on it, too. Can you please give me some advise regarding this?


In this counseling answer:

• You need to say things firmly. Be assertive.

• You should also start searching for another job and see what best fits your needs and interests.

• Submit your question to our “Ask the Scholar”.

Salam ‘Aleikom,

Thank you for writing to us. Earning a lawful income is what matters the most.

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Looking at your situation, you must try and make it clear to your employer that your religion does not allow you to get involved in haraam.

Regardless of your senior passing this order, you must always make it clear to your boss or your employer about tasks you are not comfortable with.

At times, you need to say things firmly. Be assertive by saying, “Oh, this is a task I would love to do, but the act of taking a bribe is something I am not in favor of.

Maybe I could convince the other person into buying this product. I think that will create our better image in front of him.”

In this way, you do not only keep religion away from work but also present your employer with another positive perspective of doing work.

Manager Forces Me To Commit Haraam - About Islam

Sometimes instead of depending on an excuse or a reason, you can handle things diplomatically and diligently.

Make your point and see what treatment you receive. Also, come up with alternative options when asked to do activities that are impermissible.

Check out this counseling video:

You should also start searching for another job and see what best fits your needs and interests.

But before getting your new job, clarify the type of work you cannot do so that everything is coherent beforehand and you do not face any trouble.

Islam stresses upon lawful earning. Allah says:

“O Mankind eat from whatever is on earth that is lawful and good, and do not follow the footsteps of Satan indeed he is to you a clear enemy.” (Quran 2:168)

Lawful earning results in abundant sustenance. Therefore, place your trust in Allah and speak up.

In the meantime, start looking for another job, too. In sha’ Allah, things will be better.

In addition, please submit your question to our “Ask the Scholar”. Maybe they can also offer you some advice from a legal perspective.



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