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Does God Call Me in My Dreams?



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Oct 30, 2018


Dear counselor. I am an Italian Christian woman married to a Muslim man in 2006. We have two daughters. I’m writing to you regarding a dream of mine. After two years of marriage, I’ve started to dream that I was in danger with my older daughter. At the end of the dream, I would always scream ‘Allahu Akbar’ or ‘Bismillah’.

Sometimes, I am in the middle of a flood, sometimes in a deep forest. But at the end, we always escape from danger. The strangest in it is that I’m Christian. I’ve started to discover Islam and fast for two years, but I’m still not getting there. I wanted to ask that whether it is possible that God is calling me. Are these dreams signs telling me to enter Islam? I really need a light. Or maybe I’ve already got the light, but just still can’t understand it? I would be really thankful if you answered me. Kind regards, B.



Does God Call Me in My Dreams?

In this counseling answer:

“Indeed, Islam calls us all. If you should decide to embrace Islam formally, you are not throwing away true Christianity. My own layperson’s way of putting it is that as long as we desire enlightenment, we will be corrected so that our understanding can become more accurate. Once our ego is no longer in charge, we no longer need to find an ego identity in order to feel important. At this point, we can practice authentic submission to the will of Allah (saw).”

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum, May Peace Be Upon You!

Thank you for writing in. Dreams of this nature are extremely important, and light is being shed from above into your awareness about your spiritual path.

I would like to premise this response with a little introductory on the revelations of God as I believe this will help you make sense of your dream and better understand the message that you are receiving from your “Higher Power”; God. He is Allah (saw) (in the Arabic language); The Source of All Being, The Source of all Creation, and the Source of our very breath. Praise be to Him that was, is, and will always be!

Whether our tongue utters a description or an attribute of God in Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, or English, we cannot accurately describe our One God. Or rather, we cannot comprehend within the containment of a limited consciousness that is bound to express through formed concepts and language. And therein lies the point of our beloved Prophets! This is also the reason we can find answers in our dreams when our soul is struggling to understand matters on a deeper level. Allaah Akbar! (God is great!)

You are very blessed to be married to a Muslim man. You will not only be exposed to Islam, but you will likely begin to “think” in Arabic even if you do not learn the language. The reason this is helpful to our soul’s understanding is that most people, who grew up as Christian, learned to think in linear and word-specific English. This in and of itself is perfectly fine.

But you will find that Hebrew and Aramaic (which Christianity was originally founded in) include words that have many different meanings on many different “levels”, depending on the context that the words are written or spoken. The Torah (The Law was given to our Prophet Moses), was originally in Hebrew, and much of the Old Testament and the New Testament was written in Aramaic. Arabic is very close to Aramaic.

What you are going to find in Islam is the renewal of Abraham’s intent and an understanding of our prophets. This will be very valuable to the development of your soul and will increase your spiritual understanding immensely. The healing secret here is that all true prophets of God spoke the same truth, and the basis of their message is given to every people on this Earth.

The word ‘religion’ means a “way of life”. Islam is a way of life that will increase your understanding, open your heart, expand your mind, and align the vibration of your consciousness with a higher “will”; the Will of God. However, the word ‘religion’ and ‘theology’ are not synonyms. With that said, as you know, Christian theology has a multitude of denominations – likewise Islam. Focusing on your spiritual path with a sincere heart and pure intention will bring you closer to understanding the true essence of authentic Islam.

Our Prophet Isa, Esa, Easa, Joshua, Yeshua, Jesus (see how we cannot even name a prophet!) was born during a time of unrest where (some of) the Israelites were returning to their faith; the faith of their father Abraham and the teachings of their Prophet Moses.  Isa (Jesus) came at a time when if he had not come, the entire faith of One God would likely have died. It is this very understanding of the Oneness of God that will serve the process of saving humanity from utter self-destruction.

There was a great political strain in this as the foundation of Rome and the theology of Rome (that religion, theology, and politics were inseparable) was threatened by this uprising of the Israelites from the House of Judea. The original followers of Yeshua seem to have been long-lost. However, there have been attempts to resurrect this original group which included people who were Israelites from the House of Judea (as Yeshua was) and also converts from the Roman Empire who joined and shared the same faith in the House of Judea. This faith was the belief in One God with the awareness that we all share the same humanity. Those converted ones of Rome are believed to have left worshipping the Roman idles of Adonai and Hashem and turned to the only Creator of all in existence; Allah (saw). The revelation of Jesus and Moses is much like the reminder and awakening of Abraham, who came from Babylon with the same message and from whom two sons were born; Ismail and Ishaaq.

Understanding the roots of Christianity will shed light on what you were taught as a Christian which is likely a mixture of Roman theology and the theology of those who were from the House of Judea and lived in Rome. Now, I am not a scholar of Islam. However, I would suggest the idea of making a concerted effort to learn as much as you can about history.

Check out this counseling audio:

You will find that whenever a true prophet appeared, he brought the people he had come to back to their original faith and purpose. The prophet then showed to his disciples a way of (spiritual) life that would help them realize the same level of enlightenment the prophet had and which an individual should desire. Islam is surrender to this spiritual life. It is the intent of an individual to align his/her will with the will of Allah (saw); it is the soul’s yearning to stay the course toward more and more light.

Our Prophet Mohammad reminded us of the truths of all our prophets, known and unknown, remembered and forgotten. Much like our prophet Jesus reminded the “People of the Book” (the Israelites in Rome). Indeed, there is only One God, and God is One. Why do we have then so many theologies and wars? Submission and alignment of our own will (ego self) to the Will of Allah (saw) is the way to peace, and authentic Islam is the Way of Peace.  Just as the teachings of Abraham, Moses, Isa (Peace Be upon Them) all point to the exact same truth.

Now, let’s look at the idea of being “called” to a way of life. In reality, we are always connected to Allah (saw). This is the safety of our soul. Allah (saw) is The Source of our being, and being is the containment of the soul. The spiritual path awakens a being to this reality. Thus, your very soul is that which is “calling” you to seek higher and higher levels of understanding because as you become aware of your true self, you awaken to your relationship and connection with Allah (saw). When the soul is ready, it stirs us. And we have dreams.

The connection and awareness of our relationship with Allah(saw) are beyond concepts and words. Our dreams help us as our unconscious awareness is able to communicate with our subconscious.

Also, our subconscious is able to translate this communication, which is beyond words, into symbolic forms. Then, we dream in symbols, and if we can decode the symbols of our dream, we can have a conscious understanding in conceptual/ linguistic terms, giving us an understanding in this dimension. So yes, long story short, given this understanding, I do feel you are being “called”.

Let’s look at the symbols in your dream. Usually, when we have dreams that are guiding us toward a better spiritual understanding, the people in our dreams are symbols for aspects of our own self.  Indeed, it is through self-understanding and self-knowledge that we grow spiritually. Dreaming of a daughter serves as a symbol of the part of you that is not mature and is ready to “bloom”. Also, consider the attributes that your daughter in real life has which you might possess as well. These aspects of yourself might be in the process of being “activated” for your growth. If you can, try to remember your dream in details and take notes on whether it was day or night, if you were indoors or outdoors, etc. Look for anything that got your attention.

Indeed, you can see by now that I do not discern any difference between true Islam, true Christianity, or true Judaism. Islam embraces all truths, for Islam embraces all prophets. The truth is that God is one, and there is only One God. And yes, Mohammad is a prophet and messenger of this truth. Indeed, he is a messenger of Allah (saw).

Again, if you seek out history and get the understanding that Arabic is very close in thought to Aramaic, you will notice that all of the prophets in this Abrahamic line were doing the same thing: reminding the people that there is only One God and God is One. That’s because the consciousness of the people at the time of the Prophet’s appearance lost sight of this, and they were living in ignorance which led to a destructive way of life.

Dear sister, you can find much of this by studying the history of Christianity. You will see that many years after the death of Isa (Jesus), there were remnants of people who were true to his teachings (The People of the Book), but politics created a completely new and different system for Rome. Yet, the absolute Truth is that Allah (saw), God, is for all people.  Anyone who awakens to this truth may enter into the path which leads the soul to increased understanding and awareness of his or her relationship to Allah (saw).

Indeed, Islam calls us all. If you should decide to embrace Islam formally, you are not throwing away true Christianity. My own layperson’s way of putting it is that as long as we desire enlightenment, we will be corrected so that our understanding can become more accurate. Once our ego is no longer in charge, we no longer need to find an ego identity in order to feel important. At this point, we can practice authentic submission to the will of Allah (saw).

In this submission, there is a new life in us as we become aware of our eternal connection to Allah (saw). It is when we are in this “place” that we receive the blessings of Allah (saw), His Provision, His Wisdom, His guidance, His Peace, His Love, and the Life of Allah (saw).  While in this place, we absorb His attributes, and our own character is perfected so that we can reflect His light into the world.

The “danger” in your dream is a feeling of anxiety and apprehension or fear of the unknown, but there does not seem to be any real danger as in your dream you seem to be saved by remembering Allah (saw). Being in the middle of a deep forest or deep waters is simply being in the depth of your own soul. It’s a very wonderful place to meet Allah (saw). And yes, you have received the Light. This Light is making its way into your conscious awareness.

If you have been following my line of thought in this response, you can see that the God you prayed to as a child in your Christian world/culture is the same God you are praying to in Arabic. It does not matter if we are or have been theologically confused. Such confusion plays with the mind, but the soul lives in a place beyond mind. There is no other God. Your mind is expanding and able to comprehend linguistic roots of this understanding; your soul is awakening and singing praises to Allah (saw). All ignorance is forgiven once the Light of God is upon us. Allah (saw) is merciful, alhamdulillah. We simply need to be willing to receive this Light as this willingness to receive is the true submission.

Please, let me know what you feel and think about this response, and please feel free to write in with more questions. Also, remember that we do have authentic scholars of Islam here at, and you may write in if you have any questions about the religious path or practice of Islam.



Disclaimer: The conceptualization and recommendations stated in this response are very general and purely based on the limited information provided in the question. In no event shall AboutIslam, its counselors or employees be held liable for any damages that may arise from your decision in the use of our services.

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