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Mosques Shutdown: How Will I Get My Spiritual High this Ramadan?

27 April, 2020
Q I have been attending religious classes at the masjid every Ramadan for the past five years.

The teacher would answer our personal day to day questions and provide extra guidance that we could start implementing during Ramadan.

This Ramadan because of quarantine it has been cancelled. I feel extremely lost!

How will I get my spiritual high?


In this counseling answer:

You can be engaging in all sorts of spiritual activities within your home.

You can access a variety of pre-recorded lectures as well as Isalmic online courses.

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Try and organize with your local sisters to set up an online group where you can perhaps have online live sessions.

Assalamu alikum,

Indeed Ramadan is always a source of spiritual growth for those who actively engage in the process of trying to attain the spiritual high.

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During Ramadan most masjids offer classes or extra support to facilitate this growth. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, brothers and sisters will not be given this same opportunity this year in most places across the globe.

As a result, we must search for alternative ways to get the same kind of support this year. It will mean being creative in exploring new ways to achieve this. Alhamduliah, there are many ways to do this.

Other resources of knowledge

If you are able, the internet is a vast resource to get this support you are seeking. You can access a variety of pre-recorded lectures as well as online courses in all things Islamic.

These are great ways to increase your knowledge which will in turn help to give you that spiritual boost you are searching for.

Mosques Shutdown: How Will I Get My Spiritual High this Ramadan? - About Islam

As well as various pre-recorded information available via YouTube or the various number of online institutions that exist today offering such courses, there are also increasing number of live presentations being given by scholars of Islam on a daily basis.

If there is a particular scholar that you enjoy listening to then this can be a regular event that you turn to each day.

Online services

There are also many services online that you can turn to to ask questions and get guidance on matters that you may query.

Perhaps, the teacher that you would normally turn to is offering alternative services this year and will be available via whatsapp or the like.

Or perhaps your teacher may even offer live sessions online via the numerous options available to do so these days. You might ask around in your local community (via phone or message of course) to see if such services will be offered this year. 

Check out this counseling video:

Alternatively, if such services won’t be available to you this year perhaps you could try and organize with your local sisters to set up an online group. Where you can perhaps have live sessions together via apps such as zoom, or some kind of ongoing support via a whatsapp group.

This way you can still foster the sense of sisterhood that really grows during Ramadan only in an alternative way. 

Spirituality at home

On top of this, of course, you can be engaging in all sorts of spiritual activities within your home.

The difference this time is that you have to be disciplined enough to get the motivation to do so without being in a face to face gathering.

This is where having groups with other sisters can be of great benefit as you can motivate each other every day to do things such as read Qur’an.

These options might not be ideal, or even appealing as they are different to what you have been used to.

But in the given situation, it is important to make the most of what we have. So we can gain as much benefit from Ramadan as possible.

May Allah reward your desire to gain a spiritual uplifting during this special time. May He make it easy for you and grant you success in reaching a spiritual high.



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