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Husband Doesn’t Help When His Mother Yells at Me

12 September, 2023
Q I am not at all happy with this marriage. Had a love marriage but things changed after marriage. His mother interferes a lot in our marriage. They have yelled at me in front of my husband. And he didn't do anything. Sometimes he loves me but when this type of situation comes, he leaves me alone and say mom is right. I don't want to stay with him but I love him. Don't know what to do? What Allah wants from me I don’t know. Is my marriage a curse or blessing? Shall I continue it or not? If not where will I go I don't know? Sometimes I want to end my life but I fear Allah and can't do it. Please help me out.


Your husband will have to respect her mother, but that does not mean that he will let them abuse you.

What about talking to him and assuring him about your love and your willingness to save this marriage first?

Tell him that you love his mother, but you feel insulted and hurt when they yell at you, and he is not there to stand up for you.

Show him your intentions to fix the relationship with your mother-in-law and ask for his support in that.

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