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How to Overcome Guilt from Past Immoralities?

12 January, 2024
Q Asalamwalakum, I astaghfirullah went astray 2 years ago, lost my virginity, went out clubbing, wore a bikini and all of this I did while posting it to the public on social media. I’ve recently repented and made tawbah. I wear the hijab now and have tried to delete all evidence of my past. My past not only haunts me with guilt, I am terrified of it being revealed. I cannot utterly believe I was this person and wish I could change the past but I understand it’s done. My fear is that it will be exposed, I will never find a Muslim man that will accept me and that I will always be defined by my past. Any advice/guidance would be appreciated. Jazakalah Kheir


While in some countries it is considered “normal behavior,” these actions are not acceptable according to Islamic standards. 

You made a mistake, repented, and asked for forgiveness from Allah.

Try not to bother about past mistakes. The most important thing is to please Allah and not anyone else.

After your sincere repentance, you do not need to carry this guilt on. Let it go; trust and hope in His mercy. 

Do not worry: the ones who are really close to Allah and know that we all commit mistakes will understand and accept you for who you are. 

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