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Husband Doesn’t Fast, Will He Spoil My Kids?

25 March, 2023
Q Dear Counselor, I'm a married woman and I have 4 kids. I'm trying to raise my children Islamically and they are all good Masha'Allah.

They are praying and fasting Ramadan. The problem is that my husband is not a practicing Muslim.

He doesn't pray or fast. I'm afraid his behavior will spoil my kids. Help me what to do?


In this counseling answer:

•As long as the children have been rooted in Islamic activities, insha’Allah they will not be “spoiled” by their father’s lack of practicing.

• They may indeed, one day, encourage him in a loving way to practice as well.

make duaa for your husband that he returns to practicing Islam.

As salamu alaykum sister,

May Allah reward you for your diligence in teaching your children Islam. It sounds as if they have a solid foundation in their Islamic beliefs as they are praying and fasting. While you did not mention their ages, this is a blessing alhumdulillah.

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As far as your husband goes, insha’Allah over time once he sees how Islam has benefited his children as well as his wife, he may insha’Allah begin to practice again. We never know how our actions will affect others so insha’Allah make duaa for your husband that he returns to practicing Islam.

Husband Doesn't Fast, Will He Spoil My Kids? - About Islam

As long as you have the children rooted in Islamic activities and friends, insha’Allah they will not be “spoiled” by their father’s lack of practicing and may indeed one day also encourage him in a loving way to practice as well.

While nothing is guaranteed, and we are tested in this life, you have given your children a wonderful start by planting the seeds of Islam in their hearts, insha’Allah it will continue to grow.

Make duaa to Allah SWT that they are protected and guided down the right path and are strong enough to not be affected by those around them who do not practice.

You’re in our prayers sister please let us know how you are doing.


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