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May 31, 2016


My daughter is turning 13 this year and she has already reached the age of puberty. I am trying my best to convince her to wear the hijab, but she always says her peers would make fun of her being the only Muslim in the class. Can you suggest some interesting tips for me to use? Can I force her to wear it or threaten her with something she likes?




As-salamu `alaikum, 

Hijab is something that you should not force on your daughter if by hijab you mean a scarf. Hijab in Islam is a way of being; it is how you behave and interact.

If we teach our children from an early age about modesty (Haya’) and moderation, the outward expression of Haya’ in form of scarf and loose non-transparent clothing will come to them automatically.

If you threaten her or force her to wear the scarf, she will go to resent Islam or may pretend to wear in front of you and take it off when you are not there. She is at an age when you need to be her friend and her counsel.


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