Help Me Explain Ramadan to My Kids

18 April, 2019
Q Asalamu alaikum, I am a mom of 3 (ages 11, 8, 5). Their school mates always ask them about Ramadan and fasting that sometimes they can't answer properly. How can I explain the true meaning of fasting to them and make them confident about their religion and rituals? And should I encourage them (11 years and 8 years ) to fast or this is too early?


As-salamu alaykum sister,

I am not an Islamic Scholar, however, I would suggest that insha’Allah you teach your children the beautiful obligation and blessings of Ramadan in a way that is comprehensive, yet in a way that they can understand and reiterate to their schoolmates.

Perhaps you can ask them what are the most frequent questions they are asked and go over simple answers which they can readily respond with. Have them practice with you. Ask some questions and listen to their responses as if it were a role play.

Help Me Explain Ramadan to My Kids - About Islam

Also, if they are asked a question that is too in depth for them, it is okay for them to say they do not have the answer but they will ask and give them the answer tomorrow. This is also a great way to teach your children the preparations and benefits of giving dawah.

Regarding fasting, while the usual age for fasting is when a child reaches puberty, but if the younger ones want to try fasting alhumdulillah let them try! It is a blessing.



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