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How Can I Teach My Child About Allah?



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Apr 03, 2019


I have started to teach my 3.6-year boy about Allah. I tell him that we pray to thank Allah for all the good things He gives us. Two days ago, my son had a nightmare so I told him that if we read the Qur`an together before sleeping, he will be protected from the animals that bite him in his nightmare. But my husband thinks it is too early to tell him all that as I am not mentioning hell or devils or anything like that. I need your advice on this.



In this counseling answer:

•You are teaching your son about Allah’s love, mercy and protection at an age-appropriate level.

•You are doing a wonderful job mash’Allah! you might also want to recite ayat al-kursi to your son as the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) told us of it’s protective powers from evil (bad dreams) when recited.

As-salamu alaykum,
I am not an Islamic Scholar but I think you are correct in handling the situation as you are. You are teaching your son about Allah’s love, mercy, and protection at an age-appropriate level. This is most important and fundamental for little children to learn, that Allah SWT is Al-Muhaymin, Ar-Rahman; Ar-Rahim.

As he grows older he will be able to cognitively process the deeper concepts of Islam, but for now, he is blessed to be learning the basics as many parents do not start teaching their children to be thankful to Allah, or to turn to Him for protection until they are much older.

You are doing a wonderful job mash’Allah! Insha’Allah you might also want to recite ayat al-kursi to your son as the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) told us of it’s protective powers from evil (bad dreams) when recited.

By reading this ayat to your son every night, he will begin to learn the words and later the meaning and soon recitation of it will insha’Allah come easy for him. Additionally, it will be something he will get used to reciting, which will be a blessing and protection for him as well.

May Allah bless you sister for your efforts in teaching your son about Allah SWT.



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