Why Do Some Women Want to Be Sexualized?

02 March, 2017
Q Salam alaikum, I am Ibraheem, a convert into Islam. I want to understand why so many woman want to enslave themselves into public sex objects in the name of "freedom and equality" Please, do they not know what they are doing, or what freedom and equality are? And how does one explain to one's family or other women the error? Thank you so very much for your insights. I read many articles encouraging complete nudity (free the nipple) among women in America, if you read it (be warned it is full of pornography) it stands as an example of the fallacies which are becoming commonly accepted all over the world from Russia to the US.


Salam dear brother,

Thank you for contacting us with your question, brother.

You have been blessed at such a young age with the most incomparably valuable blessing that anyone can receive from Allah during this worldly life: belief in Islam.

I am so pleased to see your commendable concern for the disturbing trends. 

May Allah grant you even further guidance towards the truth, beneficial knowledge, and the ability to race ahead in righteous deeds. Ameen.

Now, to answer your question about why contemporary women enslave themselves as public sex objects in the name of “freedom and equality”.

Well, there are several factors at play here, but for starters, let us look at what “freedom” and “equality” entail.

There is a difference between the freedoms one enjoys naturally, and the freedoms that, if not curtailed and controlled according to Divine guidance, can become extremely dangerous, not just for the individual, but also for society in general.

For example, the freedom to look at the earth’s natural beauty, to inhale air to breathe, to sleep at night, to walk and talk, and to eat and drink, are all completely natural freedoms granted by Allah to (most of) humankind.

However, human freedom needs to have certain limits set in place in order to make sure that other humans remain safe from others.

So, for example, in order to procreate and satisfy one’s sexual needs in a manner by which all familial relationships are safeguarded; the next generation remains protected, provided, and accounted for; and society as a whole remains free from disease, debauchery, and moral decadence the institution of marriage was ordained by our Creator.

The same applies to all our other “free-to-do” actions as well, such as speech, sleeping, eating, wearing clothing, earning, and spending money: there are certain boundaries that Allah wants us to remain within regarding these natural needs and actions, so that human beings can live on earth without harming each other.

All evil in this world basically exists in two forms:

  1. The natural human vice present inside human beings (“nafs ammarah”), which entices them to do evil, and
  2. The evil enticements of the devil/Shaitan and his armies, to whom Allah has granted respite and freedom till the Day of Judgment, to invite human beings towards evil.

Both the above sources of evil have been willed to exist on earth by Allah, as part of our test during the life of this earth, to see whether we force ourselves, through willful submission, to remain obedient to Him or not.

In Islam, men and women are inherently equal as people, as are all human races. However, differences exist, by Allah’s decree and will, so that the human race can cooperate and learn from each other in ways that are mutually beneficial.

I hope this gives you a clearer picture of how humans need to control their apparent ‘freedoms’ on this earth, in order to lead a life that is in harmony with others and nature and pleases Allah.

The problem with modern-day perceptions regarding “freedom and equality”, however, is that there is a complete rejection of judging what is acceptable human behavior according to a higher, Divine authority.

Instead what is promoted is the concept of accepting every human being’s habits, preferences, or lifestyle as their “choice” without understanding how these choices are harmful to the individual and society.

When any group or nation of human beings willfully reject the existence of God, or refuse outright to obey Divine laws and commandments, the only other path left for them to follow is  their own fleeting desires and this is abject misguidance and error.

And that is why women are allowing themselves to be turned into sex objects today, in the name of freedom and equality.

Now for the last part of your question: in order to for someone to be able to convincingly explain to one’s family or other women the manifest error of the modern day understanding of “freedom” and “equality”, one needs to be well-grounded in deep knowledge of Islam.

Knowledge of the deen, stemming from the authentic sources of Quran and Sunnah, is the single effective “weapon” that a believer can arm him or herself with in order to acquire the confidence and ability to convey the truth.

Since you are such a young revert to Islam, I would like to urge you to start seeking knowledge of Islam from authentic sources as soon as possible, because the knowledge gained in youth benefits a Muslim throughout his/her adult life, insha’Allah.

Secondly, strive to ponder deeply upon the Quran, and try to learn the Arabic language in order to do that.

Brother, in the end, I would like to leave you with a thought-provoking statements, as your sister in Islam:

As a Muslim woman who has covered herself willingly in hijab, niqab (face veil), and abaya (long, loose dress) for over a decade, I’d like you to know that I feel utterly free and liberated when I am out and about in public, because no man can see my body.

I would never want to dress like women whose bodies are on display for the world to see and judge.

Does this not make you ponder upon how our beliefs, perceptions, and thoughts related to religion and human freedoms, distort our understanding of the reality of the life of this world?

Allah knows best.

I hope this answers your question. Please keep in touch. 


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