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Will My Mother’s Soul Haunt Me If I Get Married Now?



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Apr 04, 2019


Salam aleykum.Few months ago my mother passed away (may Allah grant her jannah). Shortly before that, I met a muslim guy who is practicing and chaste. We decided to get married before shaytan comes into our relationship and recently had our engagement and wanted to get married as soon as possible, so we don’t fall into shaytaan’s traps.However, the circumstances were that we couldn’t get married yet. And all the relatives keep telling me to wait till the year passes after the passing away of my mother. They say it will be an embarrassment and my mom’s soul won’t be in peace.However, I know that there’s no such thing in Islam. I’m sure the young people are encouraged to get married as soon as they can.We’re starting to get temptations now. We see each other because its very hard not to. Now we finally got a chance to get married but I’m really confused and feel blame now. How can I at a time like this think about marriage?...It’s Ramadhan soon and if I get married I will leave my brother and dad alone. Who will cook sohoor and iftaar for them? Also if I wait until summer maybe the relatives will calm down.However I really don’t want for my relationship to turn haraam. It is going there. Our feelings are too strong and we at least have to see each other just to talk.What should I do? Wait, as everyone says, or not delay the wedding? I do want to get married and protect my and his chastity. But I will feel like a terrible daughter if I get married after my mom passed away and leave my dad now... I’m really confused..



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