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Will I Love Jannah? Is it Worth the Struggle?



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Feb 06, 2019


Hello I am a person who tries to be a good Muslim.I am asking why shouldn't I enjoy this world other than having double loss in both this life and the next? You are a Muslim in a non Muslim school your religion is referred to as the weird religion you don't have peace in the mind yet the disbelievers are happy (even though their religions are wrong) you have all these restrictions you try to attain jannah a place you have never seen one of your parents is not a Muslim and sees what you do as a waste of time the other parent is a Muslim but is a tyrant you have all these obligations the other religions like Christianity tell you that as long as you believe in Jesus you will go to heaven (even though they are wrong) you want to go to paradise but you won't get the maximum enjoyment out of it (will be limited) because only one person will get maximum enjoyment out of it and am not saying that I don't want him(SAW) to enjoy it but that would mean everybody else in jannah will be limited you don't have a guarantee you are going to jannah yet other religions guarantee their followers heaven even though they are completely wrong but their followers have peace while for Islam their is no guarantee Allah can just say no you can't hurt him and nobody will bring him to account. What if he just says no and I go to hell won't I have made a great loss I would have lost this world and the next.



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