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Will I Love Jannah? Is it Worth the Struggle?

17 October, 2023
Q Hello I am a person who tries to be a good Muslim.I am asking why shouldn't I enjoy this world other than having double loss in both this life and the next? You are a Muslim in a non Muslim school your religion is referred to as the weird religion you don't have peace in the mind yet the disbelievers are happy (even though their religions are wrong) you have all these restrictions you try to attain jannah a place you have never seen one of your parents is not a Muslim and sees what you do as a waste of time the other parent is a Muslim but is a tyrant you have all these obligations the other religions like Christianity tell you that as long as you believe in Jesus you will go to heaven (even though they are wrong) you want to go to paradise but you won't get the maximum enjoyment out of it (will be limited) because only one person will get maximum enjoyment out of it and am not saying that I don't want him(SAW) to enjoy it but that would mean everybody else in jannah will be limited you don't have a guarantee you are going to jannah yet other religions guarantee their followers heaven even though they are completely wrong but their followers have peace while for Islam their is no guarantee Allah can just say no you can't hurt him and nobody will bring him to account. What if he just says no and I go to hell won't I have made a great loss I would have lost this world and the next.


Short Answer: The actual double loss is for those who didn’t know or connect with Allah. This life is temporary and it will end abruptly at any second. Having piles of worldly enjoyment never really bring deep happiness to people, and many studies prove that. The more you have from this life, the more you’ll feel deprived and that you still need more. It never quenches people’s thirst.


Part 1

“Other people are happy and have peace”

Who told you?

We’re only judging by the external here. We ‘think’ some people have easy and pleasant lives judging by their appearances, but we don’t know what struggles they may be having behind closed doors. You don’t know what kind of internal/emotional/mental struggle they might be going through.

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There are many studies that show how people put on an image of happy life, whereas they go through internal pain and struggle.

So, don’t judge a book by its cover while you don’t know what’s hidden from you.

Allah is Just. We are all being tested.

Allah [swt] says:

“[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed — and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving –“[Quran 67: 2].

This means that life is a test for ALL human beings.

If you’re sitting in an exam and you’re doing the right thing and answering your exam, while other students are having fun and enjoying themselves but they’re not answering their exam, does this means they’re the successful ones?

Does this mean we should be leaving the exam and follow the ones who’re wasting time and failing their tests?

Do you think by not answering the exam, they’ll actually be successful?

Sooner or later, the exam papers will be taken (death will come) and everyone will be judged and held accountable for their actions and whether they actualized their purpose in life or not.

O mankind, indeed the promise of Allah is truth, so let not the worldly life delude you and be not deceived about Allah by the Deceiver.” (Quran 35: 5)

Why does Islam have many rules?

We’ve answered this question thoroughly in this two-part series; please have a look here below.

If God Loves Us, Why So Many Rules in Islam?

If God Loves Us, Why So Many Rules in Islam? (Part 2)

“You won’t get the maximum enjoyment in Jannah”

Who told you that?

This statement is absolutely false. Jannah is nothing but maximum unlimited enjoyment!

Whatever you desire, you’re going to get and even more with no limits!

Allah said that repeatedly in the Quran.

Like here:

Gardens of perpetual residence, which they will enter, beneath which rivers flow. They will have therein whatever they wish. Thus does Allah reward the righteous” (Quran 16: 31)

And here:

For them therein is whatever they wish, [while] abiding eternally. It is ever upon your Lord a promise [worthy to be] requested.” (Quran 25: 16)

And here:

Enter it in peace. This is the Day of Eternity.” They will have whatever they wish therein, and with Us is more.” (Qur’an 50: 34-35)

There is no sadness or sorrow or resentment or limitedness in Jannah AT ALL!

And We will remove whatever is in their breasts of resentment, [so they will be] brothers, on thrones facing each other.” (Quran  15: 47)

And We will have removed whatever is within their breasts of resentment, [while] flowing beneath them are rivers. And they will say, “Praise to Allah, who has guided us to this; and we would never have been guided if Allah had not guided us. Certainly the messengers of our Lord had come with the truth.” And they will be called, “This is Paradise, which you have been made to inherit for what you used to do.” (Quran 7: 43)

And they will say, “Praise to Allah, who has removed from us [all] sorrow. Indeed, our Lord is Forgiving and Appreciative – He who has settled us in the home of duration out of His bounty. There touches us not in it any fatigue, and there touches us not in it weariness [of mind].” (Qur’an 35: 34-35)

“What if Allah said go to Hell?”

But how can you have such negative expectation of Allah The Most Merciful, the incomparably Merciful?

Allah has 100 portions of mercy because of just one there is/has been mercy on earth from the beginning of time until the end of time? Imagine all the mercy that the earth has ever witnessed from the beginning of time and until the end of time is just one portion of the mercy of Allah, and 99 double that amount is still reserved with Him for the Day of Judgment. [Related by Muslim]

No one will even remotely be as merciful as Allah. Jesus (peace be upon him) is a limited human being. Allah taught him what he teaches people. But Allah is The Only Unique Source of All Mercy. No one can ever come near to Allah’s Mercy.

Allah says:

What would Allah do with your punishment if you are grateful and believe? And ever is Allah Appreciative and Knowing.” (Quran 4: 147)

And He says:

Indeed, Allah does not do injustice, [even] as much as an atom’s weight; while if there is a good deed, He multiplies it and gives from Himself a great reward.” (Quran 4: 40)

So, never have negative assumptions of Allah.

Allah shows incomparable mercy. Just actualize your purpose of creation and don’t harm yourself or others.

“Loss in this world and the next if I don’t enjoy myself”

The actual double loss is for those who didn’t know or connect with Allah. This life is temporary and it will end abruptly at any second. Having piles of worldly enjoyment never really bring deep happiness to people, and many studies prove that. The more you have from this life, the more you’ll feel deprived and that you still need more. It never quenches people’s thirst.

This is why people get addicted on drugs, alcohol, plastic surgeries, even sex… anything to give them pleasure, and the more they get, the more they lose satisfaction and need a more ‘high’ that they can’t find. Then life will end while they’re chasing desires that didn’t truly fulfill them and they lose this life and the next.

Ultimate loss is for those disconnected from Allah, those who are not truly faithful. They’re the ones who will neither feel deeply truthfully happy here, nor will they have any share in the afterlife. THAT is the true loss.

Say, “Indeed, the losers are the ones who will lose themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection. Unquestionably, that is the manifest loss.” (Quran 39: 15)

And of the people is he who worships Allah on an edge. If he is touched by good, he is reassured by it; but if he is struck by trial, he turns on his face [to the other direction]. He has lost [this] world and the Hereafter. That is what is the manifest loss.” (Quran 22: 11)

Read the above verse again. May Allah not make us among those who have this true double loss!


Know that free time at your age especially is the devil’s playground. So, occupy yourself with the right activities. Know your purpose of life. Know more about Allah so you won’t have wrong/false information and expectations about Him.

Find good companions and start studying your religion even if online in trustworthy resources. There are many resources; you can email us again if you need recommendations. But occupy yourself with what’s useful, and seek the help of Allah, and do not weaken.

So rely upon Allah; indeed, you are upon the clear truth.” (Quran 27: 79)

So adhere to that which is revealed to you. Indeed, you are on a straight path.” (Quran 43: 43)

Dealing with hardships the very best way

And Allah knows best.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Salam and please keep in touch.

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