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What is Laylatul Qadr and What to Do in It?

31 March, 2024
Q I am a new Muslim and I wanted to learn more about Laylatul Qadr (the Night of Decree). What is it and what to do in it?


Short Answer:

  • An incredible number of angels descend to earth on this night, when Allah first revealed the Quran.
  • So read the Quran throughout the night with the intention of seeking wisdom and connecting with Allah.
  • Allah decrees our destiny for the rest of the year during this night, so make a lot of duaa and don’t underestimate the power of duaa
  • Enjoy the peace when you’re alone with Allah and tell Him to help you come closer to Him. Just speak to Him. And enjoy it.


Salam (Peace) and Welcome to Islam,

Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam.

This is a very important question.

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We usually work on getting ready for big events that have significant impact on our lives.

A major event is about to take place in the last 10 nights of the blessed month of Ramadan: the arrival of Laylatul Qadr (the Night of Power, Destiny or Decree).

It is called this because of the power of this night and the fact that our destiny is decreed in this night.

Allah Almighty informed us about this night in Chapter 97 of the Quran, Surat Al Qadr (Chapter of Decree).

He Almighty says:

{Indeed, We sent the Quran down during the Night of Decree. And what can make you know what is the Night of Decree? The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend therein by permission of their Lord for every matter. Peace it is until the emergence of dawn.} (97:1-5)

Based on what we can learn from Surat Al-Qadr about this night and what we should do in it:

The Quran & The Reward

1- The Quran was descended in this night as Allah told us in the Sura (chapter).

So this night is about honoring and appreciating the revelation of the Noble Quran, This Blessed Book of Light & Guidance from The Merciful Creator.

2- The Quran is a major gift. So, read the Quran throughout this night with the intention of seeking wisdom, connecting with Allah, understanding of life and what’s beyond it.

Don’t just go through the pages of the Quran casually. Enjoy one page at a time or even one line at a time, reading tafseer (exegesis) like tafseer Ibn Katheer for example, along with it. 

3- Remember that Allah the Exalted said that Laylatul Qadr is better than 1000 months.

This means that your worship, dua (supplication), Quran reading/memorizing and all the beautiful acts you’re going to do in this night would count for more/better than “83 years” of worship.

One night is worth more than an entire life time of worship. So, it’s a huge generosity from Allah, and we need to seize this opportunity.

Angels Fill the Earth

4- In Laylatul Qadr an incredible number of angels descend upon the earth. They are magnificent creatures of Allah, they are the ones that help the believers by Allah’s permission.

They love those who are faithful and obedient to Him.

They realize the Might and Power of Allah and they salute the human beings who refrain from disobedience and instead choose to obey Allah and discipline themselves to worship and be humble servants of their Creator.

May Allah make us among them!

5- The angels take Allah’s permissions to come see His obedient servants on earth and say salutation of peace unto them until dawn, as the verse says “Peace it is until the emergence of dawn”.

They go to every single believer and say “salam” (peace).

6- Angel Jibreel (Gabriel), the mighty and noble angel of Allah who was ordered by the Allah to reveal the Quran to Prophet Muhammad comes down in Layaltul Qadr along with the angels to see us and see those who’ve been committed to the Quran.

Until this day, the same angel who revealed the Quran, by Allah’s will, to the Prophet descends again on earth in Laylatul Qadr when the Quran is being recited and honored by the believers.

A Very Special Night

7- Remember that Allah decrees our destiny for the rest of the year during this night.

So, your duaa (supplication) could have a huge impact on what will be decreed for you throughout this year. Don’t underestimate the power of duaa this night.

8- We should ask Allah this night to teach us the Quran and help us understand it and understand its beauty and wisdom.

9- Sit quietly in peace and make duaa, lots of duaa, and tell Allah everything you want.

Tell Him about every bad thing you did, tell Him you regret them, tell Him about every good thing you want to do in your life, tell Him that you have the intention of being better for yourself and your family and the ummah and humanity.

Tell Him to help you come closer to Him. Just speak to Him. And enjoy it.

10- Enjoy this night. Enjoy the peace when you’re alone with Allah Glorified be He.

Stay up throughout the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

Make time for Quran reading, make time for some tafseer, make time for some memorization, even the short suras (chapters), make time for having the angels of Allah see you in a condition of obedience, peace, beauty, and connection with Allah.

And remind your friends and family of all that.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Salam and please keep in touch.

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