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Does Summer Fasting Have Virtues Over Winter Fasting?

03 March, 2024
Q Since fasting in the summer is longer and can be harder for some, is the reward for fasting in the summer the same as it is for fasting in the shorter days of winter?


Asalamu Alaikum,

Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question.

Shaykh Fawzan addresses this question in the video below:


Shaykh Fawzan: No doubt; there is a reward for fasting whether it is in the winter or the summer as long as the intention of the fasting person is correct and they have sincerity towards Allah the Exalted.

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But if they face difficulty during their fast, such as thirst, hunger or severe heat then the reward is more, because they were patient upon obedience and they were patient with the difficulty. Thus their reward will be more.

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee

[Masjid Tawheed was-Sunnah]

Shaykh Saalih Fawzan is a member of the Council of Senior Scholars, and a member of the Fiqh Academy in Makkah, which is affiliated with the Muslim World League.

He is also a member of the Committee for Supervision of the Callers in Hajj, and a member of the Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta’. He is also the Imam, preacher, and teacher at the Prince Mut`ib Ibn `Abdul-`Aziz Mosque in Al-Malz.

He participates in responding to questions on the radio program Nur `Ala Al-Darb. He also contributes research, studies, theses, and Fatwas (legal opinions issued by a qualified Muslim scholar) to scholarly magazines, which are then collected and published.

Shaykh Fawzan also takes part in supervising a number of theses at the Master’s degree and Doctorate levels. He has a number of students of knowledge who frequent his regular gatherings and lessons. (Source)

I hope this helps answer your question. May Allah allow us to see the coming month of Ramadan. Please keep in touch.

Walaikum Asalam.

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