Reviving Young Muslims’ Faith: What Makes Converts Accept Islam?

20 October, 2019
Q AssalamAlaikum u Alaikum, Our young generation who was born Muslim, needs to redefine their faith.If you guide us about motivations that lead any Non Muslim to convert to Islam, that can help us teaching our young generation about power of faith.


Short Answer: There are thousands and thousands of men and women from all over the world and all walks of life who accept Islam. They find that it’s the Truth. They are sincere people who managed to rise above hate, fear, Islamophobia, and see the Truth for themselves and courageously accept it. The message is, when you find Allah, and know Him for who He really is and follow Him, it fills your heart like nothing else and gives you a unique sense of meaning, purpose, and satisfaction.


Walaykum Asalam wa Rahmat Allah Sister,

Thank you so much for this great question. May Allah revive the faith in our hearts and bring the hearts of millions of people into His beautiful path of Islam. Ameen.

Why Islam?

We can write volumes about the beauty, power and might of Islam.

Islam is not a new religion; Islam is the religion of all Prophets and all Messengers of The One & Only Deity, Creator and Sustainer of everything in the heavens and the earth: Allah.

It is the religion of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon them all), they were all sent to deliver His One True Pure message of monotheism.  

We accept them all. We do not reject the pure message and pure messengers of Allah. We are walking on the same path as those noble Messengers of Allah.

Islam is consistent. It makes sense. It shows you that Allah is Wise, Knowing and Powerful. He doesn’t change His mind. He didn’t send many religions to confuse people.

He sent the same message from the beginning of time with the Messengers to people: worship your One & Only Creator, and do not associate with Him anyone or anything.

Allahu Akbar: i.e. Allah is Greater than you, your fears, weakness, doubts, flawed perception of Him; He is Greater than all powers, Greater than everything and everyone in His Creation.

He alone is The Mighty King; there is nothing and no one co-equal to Him. Glorified Be He, The Pure The Perfection.

We are His slaves, and we are honored and empowered to be. We belong to Allah, The Merciful, The Mighty, The Affectionate, The One who’s Just in His actions and retributions, The Generous beyond measures, and to Him we will return—and that’s the moment we anticipate in love, longing and awe.

Islam Answers the Big Questions

It tells us who Allah Our Creator is, who we are, why we are here on earth, why we were created and where we’re going next.

It gives structure, clarity and a perfect path to follow in order to connect with our Creator constantly and grow in faith, character, and conduct.

When we don’t have this structure and perfect path to follow, what is the alternative?

We follow ego or personal desires or we follow other people. But when we do that, we never really feel fully satisfied. The more you get from this life, the more you feel you want more. Everything in this life is designed to be limited. You expect perfection from an imperfect world and imperfect people.

At some point, you discover that what you pursue in life never really deeply makes you satisfied. Just like this life itself ends, all pleasures in it are limited and end.

Until you know The One who never ends… Allah.

Everyone upon the earth will perish. And there will remain the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honor.” (Quran 55: 26- 27)

The greatest discovery in this life and the best thing we can do to ourselves is to link and align our soul with the Creator of this soul who is Ever-Living and Never Dies.

You liberate yourself from the limited people and things of this world and connect your soul with the unlimited Creator of peace, happiness, light, love, beauty, support and everything your soul craves in its original, pure form.

This is Allah.

Islam honored us by introducing us deeply to knowing Our Creator and falling in love with Him for who He really is.  

Allah is Al-Jameel Al Mosawer (The Beautiful, The Fashioner of Beauty), Al-Qawy (The Source of Strength, The All-Powerful), Al-Wadud (The Source of Deep Affection), Al-‘Alim (The Source of Knowledge), Al-Hakeem, (The Source of Wisdom), Al-Azeez, (The Source of Majesty and Honor)… He is Qareeb (Nearer than anybody to you), Mojeeb (responds wisely to the calls of everyone who calls upon Him), and more…

To Allah belongs the Most Beautiful Names & Attributes. The connection with Allah in this life is unrivaled.

The Quran & The Messenger

The Quran is our biggest proof. It is not like any other book on earth today. You’re holding in your hands what was revealed from above seven heavens, from the Creator Himself. It is His Direct, unedited, unaltered words that have been revealed to mankind.

This is extremely powerful.

Allah revealed books before, but they were not meant for all mankind, rather they were revealed to the Prophets of that time for the people of their time. And today, these books in their pure original form do not exist.

But the Quran is preserved perfectly in its original form. You have The Truth Directly from its Source.

This is very powerful, and this is the essence of guidance.

Guidance is about learning and following what we learn.

Allah revealed to us His Book, and taught His Last and Final Messenger, Muhammad, to show us everything that benefits us in this world and the next.

Muhammad’s teachings are too detailed and show people how to live and conduct themselves from the biggest matters to the smallest matters.

And this guidance is relieving to the soul and mind. It shows real care, deep benefit and it is a powerful aid in this life journey that help us grow, develop and actualize our purpose in life.

What Makes Converts Accept Islam?

There are thousands and thousands of men and women from all over the world and all walks of life who accept Islam.

They find that it’s the Truth. They are sincere people who managed to rise above hate, fear, Islamophobia, and see the Truth for themselves and courageously accept it.

The message is, when you find Allah, and know Him for who He really is and follow Him, it fills your heart like nothing else and gives you a unique sense of meaning, purpose, and satisfaction.

And Allah knows best.

I hope this helps.

Salam and please keep in touch.

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