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Reading Quran in Ramadan: Quantity or Quality?



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May 12, 2019


What is better to during the holy month of Ramadan: to approach the Quran with the intention to read in quantity or quality?




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Mufti Menk addresses this question in the video below:


The idea is never ever to complete the Quran. Did you know that? The idea was never ever to complete the entire Quran, no.

The idea is the quality. If the quality is there, then you may complete the entire Quran. If the quality is not there, trust me, you rather read from [a certain verse] to the end. And you will achieve a bigger reward for quality then to go in for quantity.

These are the teachings of the month of Ramadan. Allah says {Quoting Quran in Arabic} Allah has created death and life for the purpose of testing you who has better deeds. He didn’t say who has more deeds.

So, I can’t say, hey, I am supposed to be in front of you because you know what in taraweeh I made 60 units, 60 rakat. No. That’s not going to be a better person. A better person is he who read what was quality.

You know when someone gives you something, say you go to the shop, you pay for something, and it’s a box of chocolates. And they give you the one that is damage and smashed. And you are going to say no, no, no. Hang on. Either give me my money back or give me a better box.

But he says, hang on, look, I’ll open the box and show you the chocolates are not touched. I’m not interested. The chocolates can be how they are. I want a box that is not tatty. And it’s there: it’s on the shelf. We do that with our deeds. We have good deeds we are about to do.

But the quality is not there.

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