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Marriage at a Young Age: Love or Impulse?



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Jun 28, 2017


Assalam-U-Alaikum. I met a boy who is a year older than I am. We were in the same class. He caught my eye because he was different. He never looked at other girls or showed off in front of them. I noticed whenever Azaan time came He got up and left to pray. Even during papers. Even though we never talked till then, he inspired me to pray. I started off with one prayer and Alhumdulillah now I read 5 daily prayers. Coming from a religious family, I used to hate it when my parents constantly forced me to pray or wear Hijab. I found it extremely annoying. It was a coincidence we had to talk. We had a project together. But I was amazed he never once looked at me. I love the way his Emaan showed. I once confessed to him that I found it annoying that he wouldn't look at me when I talk. That was the first time I saw him look in my eyes. He said I am a human being: I am a Muslim. I don't want to lose my control. I was shocked when he said that so openly. I asked him to tell me more about Islam. He came alive when he talked about it. He always tried to keep his distance from me though. Telling me it was wrong, but I forced him. I became a better person with him. I started learning and understanding the Quran with translation. I confessed to him I love him. I really do because he brought me back on the straight path Alhumdulillah! He told me the only way was Nikah. He started avoiding me after my confession. I am going crazy. I really want to marry him and he also wants to, but he said we cannot continue this way. Relationships are wrong and yes it is. We discussed our options. Our parents are not agreeing for us to get married early. It’s frustrating. He nor I can go on like this. We want to get married so we can stay away from Haram things. We don't want Allah to get angry at us. One thing can lead to another. If we get married without our parents knowing but with the Wali and All other Nikah conditions satisfied, will our Nikah be real? I even did Istikhara and have a good feeling about him. Please give me advice on how to handle this situation. Keeping in my mind I don’t want to lose him and want to get married as soon as we can. Plus my parents are not agreeing. I don’t care if I am young or he is not settled yet (We both just started University). Even Hazrat Ayesha got married at a very young age. Jazakillah



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