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The Manners of Prophet Muhammad – A Brief Account

12 September, 2017
Q Assalamo alaikum dear consultants. How can I follow Prophet Muhammad as an example, without too much complications? What were the basic characteristics of Prophet Muhammad's manners and ethics? Please give me a brief account to help me get a quick, but clear vision. Thank you.


Asalam Alaikum Muhammad, 

Thank you for trusting About Islam with your very important question. 

Allah Almighty sent His Prophet (PBUH) to mankind and taught him to be the best in ethics and manners so that we would find the most complete and best example in him. 

Here are a few of what I conclude to be the most important prophetic ethics and manners, which set an example for all mankind. 

Follow Prophet Muhammad’s Example

When trying to model our life after the Prophet (PBUH), we should all try to do the following:

Show love and mercy

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Seek peace and show forgiveness

Lead by example

Live by the Quran

Be the best we can be to our family

Visit our neighbors and check in on their welfare

Give our fellow Muslims their rights: sending salams, visiting them when sick, attending their funeral, responding to their invitations, etc.

It is so paramount to the life of a Muslim that it bears repeating: The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the role model in ethics and manners.

He reflected the best character of any human being by not only teaching ethics and manners, but also by applying these values in his own life.

Prophet Muhammad’s Character

Prophet Muhammad was truthful

He was trustworthy

He had love and mercy for every living thing. 

He treated children with extreme tenderness and mercy. 

He was in the front lines, leading his men in battles of self-defense. 

He was slow to anger and never acted in anger.

He was humble. 

He tolerated hardship with patience.

He did not put much value in material things, but upheld all people’s property rights

He never complained when he experienced poverty, spending months surviving on only dates and water. 

He was very concerned with the state of his and his followers souls.  

He confirmed the importance of science in fighting ignorance

He never spoke over anyone’s head and used wisdom when conveying the message of Islam. 

Thank you and please keep in touch. 

Walaikum Asalam.

(From AboutIslam’s archives)

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