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Long-Distance Engagement: Fiancé Stopped Communication



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Mar 03, 2019


Asalam olekum. One of my colleague discussed her cousin's issue with me n asked for my advise but I want to discuss with you first. Her female cousin is in nikah with a guy who used to live in same city n everything was fine for first five months of nikah but they have not yet done with rukhsati. The guy was on job n gave a cell phone to girl so that thy may contact. After 5 months the guy suddenly started saying that I want to go abroad and do something different to earn money. He suddenly went to Karachi (another city) to his brother living with his sister-in-law (bhabi). The guy has left contacting her and it's been 6 months now. She keeps calling, but he just is least bothered. His mother tries to cover his back saying he is really busy with work and she also said that his bhabi is overpowering her son. Once his mother insisted him to call the girl he just called once in 6 months just asked her how are you...ok I will call u later n then he never called. Now the girl's family is really worried that what should they do also they want some dhikar e ilahi/upplication from Quran/ hadees to overcome this difficult situation. Kindly help



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