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Husband’s Behavior has Changed



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Aug 23, 2019


Assalamualaikum... I have been feeling really down lately due to changes in my husband's behavior towards me..... I expect my husband to treat me and pamper me infront of my family but he feels ashamed to do so....i have heard our prophet too used to openly express his love for his wives and not hesitate in front of other people and gave respect to them infront of everyone....but my husband says it looks bad....i being his wife feel like having the right to be treated well infront of my family and feel happy and my family too will be happy seeing how he treats me but he somehow always gets awkward in front of others while in the room he is someone else.... I expect nothing else from him besides just treating me with respect and pamper all the time....please tell me how to handle these changes in him...



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Leah is a Muslim convert of almost a decade. She has two kids, an intercultural marriage, and half of a French degree in her back pocket, looking to switch gears to science and medicine. She has lived abroad for over a decade, having just recently become reacquainted with her roots in America. She currently lives in Michigan near her family and – masha’Allah – a sizeable Muslim community.

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