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How to Do a Muslim Engagement Ceremony?



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Dec 28, 2018


As-salamu alaikum dear scholars. Thank you very much for all your work on this website. I am a recent convert to Islam and I should get engaged in three months, insha' Allah. I do not know much about how engagement is performed in Islam and I need information on the rules to follow for the engagement ceremony so that I do my best to bring Allah's blessing on my engagement and future marriage. I would like to know the general information and as well information on some details such as the following: What should we do and what should we avoid doing in the ceremony? What should we say and avoid saying? Are there recommendations on how I should dress and present myself? I do not wear hijab but I dress modestly without make-up and I tie my hair. May I wear a little makeup, leave my hair loose, wear a pretty but decent covering dress? Are there recommendations about whom to invite? As well, it is possible that my non-Muslim parents refuse to come since they are against my conversion and will probably be angry that I plan to marry a Muslim man. Will my engagement be valid according to Islam if my parents do not come? Thank you.



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