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How to Build a Successful Interfaith Marriage?



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May 29, 2018


As-Salamu Alaykum. I am a Muslim man who is in love with a Christian woman. We have complemented each other very well and we are ready for the next level. I have tried to show her my way of life; however it is difficult for her to accept. It is very difficult, but not impossible, to change a person who has been accustomed to a way of life of another faith. I understand that a Muslim man is allowed to marry a non-Muslim woman. Any successful marriage needs patience, communication, respect, and understanding from both parties. Insha’Allah, if we do decide to get married as an interfaith couple, my questions are: Insha’Allah if we have children, what are my responsibilities towards my children as a Muslim father? What are her rights in regard to our children as a non-Muslim? Does she have any rights to custody of the children and any fortunes if I pass away before her? I'd like to get married in a mosque and she'd like to get married in a church. What are our options? What does Islam teach that can convince myself, my parents, and my peers that interfaith marriage is permissible and can be successful? Thank you for your time.



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