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How Do I Strengthen My Faith and Iman?

22 September, 2022
Q Assalammualaikum, I'm from Malaysia and it's considered an Islamic country. However to be frank, I feel really difficult to practice prayers, wearing hijabs and other things that are a must for us Muslims. I came from a very open minded family and everyone learns religion on their own. This really makes it difficult for me to feel the need to practice Islam in daily basis. I believe in Allah and I have finished the Quran it just that, it's not easy for me to accept a number of things. I question everything I have been taught. I have no doubt about Him, just why I need to follow certain rules. I have always been outcasted in my surroundings since young and feels more comfortable with being around non-Muslims. In my opinion, here at least, they behave more like Muslims than those who are dressed like Muslims. I personally don't trust the Muslims around me since they like to back-stab one another and are very judgmental. This makes it more difficult for me to see the beauty of Islam. When I learn on my own, I question everything and when I want to learn from others, I can't even trust them. Please help me with this problem. It's getting worse lately. I have been going through a very weird circumstances where I wear hijab and covered my aurah in one day then wear really sexy dress the next day. This has been bugging me for few months and I'm grateful to found this website. I pray that all of you will have success in this world and the hereafter. Assalammualaikum.


Short Answer: An introspective quest for spirituality usually occurs first during youth years, and such a spiritual “calling” is a blessing from Allah. But please avoid associating the character and conduct of some lay-Muslims in Muslim-majority countries with Islam. Go back to the sources of Islam. Be strong and hold on fast to the rope of Allah: His Book, the Quran, and the guidance of His Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him). May Allah (SWT) be with you, and may He strengthen your faith and make all matters easy for you.


Asalaamu alaykum, and thank you for sending in your question to our website.

Sister, what you are going through is a natural process of connecting to one’s inner spiritual self, which many human beings go through, at different points in their lives.

Such a spiritual awakening of sorts, makes us wonder about certain realities of the life of this world, such as the purpose of our creation, the cause behind world events, and what happens to us after we die.

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Such a spiritual “calling” is a blessing from Allah because it serves as a wake-up call for humankind. This is because it makes a person want to turn back to Allah in humility and to find the right path that will lead them to salvation.

This introspective quest for spirituality usually occurs first during youth, when a child comes of age and blossoms into a young adult.

They search for the truth in order to define their identity, and to answer the questions, “Who am I?”, “Why am I here? Why was I born?”, and “What do I have to do, to live in a way that Allah will be pleased with me?

This phase of inner spiritual awakening could also happen again at subsequent turning points in any human being’s life, e.g. right after a loss, hardship, or calamity. Or when they are at the epitome of worldly success and fortune, yet still feel empty inside.

Unfortunately for many, it is during their search for guidance and truth, that Satan and his armies are able to mislead them in finding the right path back to Allah. Many get lost or misled along the way, going astray, wandering around in spiritual darkness.

That is why, it is so important for all of us to turn to the right sources in our quest for the true guidance of Allah that He sent for mankind.

Un-Islamic Behavior of Some Born Muslims

One of the greatest trials of the current age, is the evil behavior of some Muslims.

Surely, their evil character, lack of morals, and low conduct is enough to turn off anyone from Islam.

Exacerbating this further is the flip side of the coin, which is also a trial for humankind: how the actions of many non-Muslims today, embody many of the principles, rules, and morals that are found in Islam. Yet, non-Muslims have no faith in their hearts.

All of this leads to immense disillusionment, especially for youngsters like you, who are born and raised in Muslim-majority cultures.

However, we do stand guilty of allowing Satan to mislead us if we let the evil and un-Islamic behavior of some born Muslims, and the supposed Islamic conduct of non-Muslims, turn us away from Islam itself!

This is because, we were never meant to take Islam from the conduct of Muslims.

Although the exemplary character of most Muslims of the earlier generations was indeed a beacon of light for mankind, this is not so in today’s age, when all the textual sources of Islam are literally available on our fingertips.

Rather, the sources of Islam today are mainly just two: the Quran, and the ways and habits (Sunnah) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

These can be easily accessed today online, along with a wide array of supplemental scholarly works and beneficial videos.

So, sister, please avoid associating the character and conduct of some lay-Muslims in Muslim-majority countries with Islam, unless you want to end up frustrated, bitter, and confused.

Turn to the right sources for your knowledge about Islam!

Go Back to the Basics

Sister, you need to start right from the basics: go back and study the 6 articles of faith and the 5 pillars of Islam.

Seek knowledge of the Quran, especially if you still believe that it is the word of Allah.

Read Islamic books by credible scholars. Authentic knowledge of the Quran & Sunnah is a vital fuel for a Muslim’s faith.

Do not let the current politically unstable situation of the Muslims around the world let you get turned off from Islam. That would mean that Satan won.

Be strong and hold on fast to the rope of Allah: His Book, the Quran, and the guidance of His Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him).

May Allah (SWT) be with you, and may He strengthen your faith and make all matters easy for you.


And Allah knows best. I hope that this answers your questions.

Salam. Please stay in touch.

And Allah knows best.

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