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How Do I Connect to a Greater Power, Atheist Asks?

22 October, 2023
Q I'm going through a very painful breakup and I've never felt so alone. I wasn't raised with any religion. I'm so unsure of my place and my worth and I want so badly to find comfort and strength in something greater than myself. I don't even know where to begin.


Short Answer: Get in touch with nature and reconnect with that beautiful soul with which you were created. Submit your whole self –body, mind, and soul— to God and allow Him to guide you on a spiritual adventure to find your value and purpose in life.


Peace and blessings to you.

I am deeply sorrow for the trauma you are experiencing in your break-up.

It is not in keeping with God’s will that people hurt one another, but His will is to allow people to exercise their own free will, and the consequences of that often lead to heartbreak.

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May God help you to overcome this struggle at this point of your life’s journey, and may you find happiness and success.

Because of the thousands of religions, cultures, and languages, the Creator of all that exists is known by thousands of names, but He is always One God for everybody.

Native American Indians call Him the Great Spirit.

In the Hebrew Bible, there are over 350 names for God, including YaHWeH and El Shaddai.

Jesus (peace upon him) spoke Aramaic, and he addressed God as Elah.

In the Quran, His Arabic name is Allah, along with a variety of titles such as the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

When I lead an interfaith group in prayer, I address God as the Light of the Universe, and people can interpret that however they want.

The Muslim Belief

Muslims believe that, when God created humanity, He did not leave people to struggle on their own to find religion.
God gave them a religion, which is peace with God through complete submission to Him.

In Arabic, we call this religion Islam, and one who submits him- or herself to God is called a Muslim.

This is why we say that all the prophets were Muslims, even though the religion we call Islam was not completed until the revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him).

The most important thing a person can do is to submit his or her whole self to God. Once you have done that, you begin a spiritual journey to find God’s purpose in your life.

You do not have to find God because God has already found you.

The Quran tells us:

“Certainly, We [God as the Majestic Unity] created humanity, and We know what suggestions his/her soul makes to him/her. We are nearer to him/her than his/her jugular vein” (Surah 50: 16).

Scientists have been researching what has been called the “God Part of the Brain”.

Some scientists are finding that parts of the left side of the brain are directly connected to spiritual awareness.

In a religious state of deep meditation and prayer, a person is able to subdue the right side of the brain (the part that focuses on self) and further enhance awareness of a higher power and his or her connection to that power.

In the same way that the jugular vein takes blood from the brain and to the heart, the God Part of the Brain is able to bring spiritual awakening to the heart of one’s soul.

The Quran tells us many times to turn to nature to find answers. For example:

“They who deny the truth when they hear it must surely be in a state of confusion! Do they not look at the sky above them? Do they not consider how We have made and adorned it, and that there are no flaws in it? And the earth? We have spread it broadly and set mountains to anchor it, and have produced every kind of beautiful growth. [These things] are to be observed and commemorated by every repentant worshiper.

“From the sky We send rain charged with blessing. We produce gardens and fields for harvest. Tall and stately are the palm trees. Their shoots of fruit stalks are piled one over another as sustenance for devoted servants.

“We give new life to land that seems dead. Thus will be the Day of Resurrection” (Quran, 50: 5-11).

Connect to Nature

I advise you to take time to connect to nature.

Take a hike on a nature trail or go camping in the woods (with a buddy for safety reasons) or visit a nature museum.

Getting in touch with nature will help you reconnect with that beautiful soul with which you were first born.

Muslims believe that God created everyone without sin and with a soul already in submission to Him, so when you live without God, you are in an unnatural state, and you have to recover that original state of your soul.

As a student of world religions, I find beauty in all religions of light.

All truth is God’s truth, and we should never be ashamed to accept truth wherever we find it –whether it is in the teachings of Buddha or Jesus (peace upon them), in the traditions of the Native American Indians, in verses of the Vedas or Tanakh or Quran, or wherever.

Of course, as a devout Muslim, I would hope that you choose Islam as your path of worship, but this is YOUR journey.

No one can take it for you.

No one can tell you what to think or how to perceive.

Research various religions, pray and seek guidance from your Creator, and find the course that is right for you. Consider it a spiritual adventure.

If you do decide to follow the Islamic path, it is very easy to begin with a confession of faith.

Narrated ‘Ubada, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said,

“If anyone testifies that none has the right to be worshiped but Allah alone who has no partners; that Muhammad is His slave and His apostle; that Jesus is Allah’s slave and His apostle, and His Word which He bestowed on Mary, and a Spirit from Him; and that Paradise is true, and Hell is true; Allah will admit him into Paradise with the deeds which he has done even if those deeds were few.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Best wishes to you on your journey.

Please keep in touch and let us know if we can help you in your search for truth and understanding.

(From Ask About Islam archives)

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