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Good Men Are For Good Women



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Sep 19, 2019


I want to know about the quote in the Quran which says, "good men are for good women". I've seen very simple, pure, untouched, chaste girls get married to men who've done everything, men who've shown their private parts to women world over and seen it all from them. Men who've interacted with call girls. I've seen them get married to innocent girls who've never been close to anything as such. How can the quote be held true then??? All their lives they end up staying stressed out and feeling cheated upon brutally. Why and how does Allah allow this to happen??? How can the quote be true then??? Please answer.)



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Leah is a Muslim convert of almost a decade. She has two kids, an intercultural marriage, and half of a French degree in her back pocket, looking to switch gears to science and medicine. She has lived abroad for over a decade, having just recently become reacquainted with her roots in America. She currently lives in Michigan near her family and – masha’Allah – a sizeable Muslim community.

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