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What Makes God Worthy of Worship?

18 April, 2024
Q What makes God worthy of worship?


Short Answer: God is the ultimate source of all beauty, knowledge, mercy, compassion, love, power, and wisdom. “We are designed for worship…If we don’t think Allah is worthy of praise, admiration and awe, we must think something else or someone else is worthy. Try to think about anyone or anything you’ve ever admired, found beautiful, intelligent, or powerful, in the heavens and the earth. Everything you can think of actually is His Creation! It’s very important that you know and study the Names and Attributes of Allah in order to know Him and know why He is worthy of worship.”

Peace be upon you, Sait,

Thank you for contacting Ask About Islam with this question.

First of all, I’ll take it from your question that you already believe in God since you’re not asking “why should I believe in God?” or “does God exist?”

Rather, you’re asking what makes Him worthy of worship.

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The Eternal Question, The Primary Source

To answer your question adequately, we have to understand who God is, why He created the universe, why He created us, and what our purpose is.  

These are essential questions. Deep down, everyone is seeking the Truth and seeking answers that satisfy the heart and mind.

Even if we try to escape these questions, the truth is, death is a reality, and most people are concerned about what will happen to them after death and what really determines if their lives have been successful and worthwhile before the inevitable death.  

You and I can have theories about the answers to these questions.

But, they teach us in journalism that to get the most accurate information, you have to speak to the “primary source”.

The primary source in our discussion here is the Creator Himself. We need to understand His perspective.

What did He say about Himself, about why He is worthy of worship, and why He created this life?

The Quran: God’s Own Words

When Steve Jobs, for example, used to release a new iPhone, he would have a big conference and speak to people explaining the purpose of his new creation and the best way to use it.  

This is because the creator is the best one to speak about his own creation.

Similarly, the Creator of the universe has spoken to us to explain all the issues we raised above.

It doesn’t make sense for God, the Creator, to simply create us without informing us about our purpose.

If He is The Most-Knowing, then it only makes sense that He would share some of this knowledge with us to help us and guide us.

In fact, He did speak to us directly and shared with us the knowledge we need to answer life’s toughest questions.

We are claiming that the Qur’an revealed to Muhammad is the direct, verbatim word of The One and Only God of all creation.

Read The Quran Yourself

Please do not take this claim at face value. We urge you to read the Qur’an thoroughly yourself. Read it from cover to cover.

This Book, we are claiming, unlike earlier scriptures, has NOT been edited by man. It has been preserved in its original form since revelation.  

Please investigate this because the answer to your questions is there, directly communicated by God to you. He knew we would ask, so He answered.

While reading, bear in mind that arguments against our claim only revolve around a few points: that the Quran is authored by Muhammad, that it’s from the devil, that it’s copied from other scriptures.

Please read the Qur’an while bearing that in mind and you’ll find the answers yourself. We’re confident that anyone who reads this Book objectively and sincerely will find the answers.

Actually, this is exactly what happened with, for example, Dr. Gary Miller, a Canadian mathematics and logic lecturer at Toronto University.

He read the Qur’an with the intention of proving it wrong, and ended up embracing Islam and making some of the shrewdest arguments against any claims that say this Book isn’t the direct Words of God.

But Who is “Allah?”

The Dictionary’s definition of ‘worthy’ is “having or showing the qualities that deserve the specified action or regard.”

Let’s look now at the qualities of God as He revealed in His direct verbatim Words.

It is worth mentioning before we move forward that the Arabic word for God is “Allah”, which means “the One and only deity worthy of worship.”

This is His Greatest Name; it has no gender and no plurals. It is unique, just like His being.

It is also the same word used to refer to God by Arab Jews and Christians; it predates the word God and better describes the Uniqueness of The One Deity.

But Who Is God and Why Is He Worthy of Worship?

If you admire beauty, He is the All-Beautiful, The Fashioner of Beauty.

If you admire mercy and compassion, He is the Source of All Mercy and Compassion.

If you admire knowledge and wisdom, He is the Source of All Knowledge and All Wisdom.

If you admire power, He is the All-Powerful, All-Strong, All-Dominant, The Compeller, The First, The Last, The Eternal!

Are these qualities worthy of awe and admiration, or do we know someone else who is more superior to that?

We are designed for worship.

Basically, if we don’t think Allah is worthy of praise, admiration and awe, we must think something else or someone else who is worthy.

Try to think about anyone or anything you’ve ever admired, found beautiful, intelligent, or powerful in the heavens and the earth.

Everything you can think of actually is His Creation!

It’s very important that you know and study the Names and Attributes of Allah in order to know Him and know why He is worthy of worship.

I hope this answers your question.


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