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Does Islam Restrict Me from Practicing My Culture?



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Jun 29, 2017


Hello, I am a non-Muslim, or to be accurate, irreligious. However, by birth I am a Hindu. Being brought up in a Muslim majority country, I was constantly harassed and ridiculed by my teachers, schoolmates and neighbors. In fact in one incident, my home was pelted with rocks then we were yelled at calling us kafirs. Due to this, I hated Islam when I was growing up. I thought that Islam teaches its adherents to behave in such a way without realizing that it is the action of some Muslims that degrades the name of Islam. However, beginning this Ramadan, I had an epiphany, that I should find the truth about Islam which I blindly hated previously. I am beginning to love Islam as I am learning about it. This could be also due to the fact that I am lost spiritually. I was strictly following Hinduism without realizing that idol worshiping is forbidden although it is clearly stated in the Vedas that it is a sin to worship idols. Majority of Hindus also do not read the Vedas or Gita and just follow what is being told to them. On the other hand, when I am researching about the Vedas and Quran, I do find some similarities between them. My question is, does being a Muslim restricts me from practicing my culture? This is because I love my language, my traditional attire, and also my cultural dance. Sorry for my long rantings.



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