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Do All Muslims Have to Get Married?



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Feb 08, 2018


To the scholars and academics, my question concerns marriage. I appreciate the wisdom and necessity of marriage in Islam. My question concerns the quote of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) he is noted as saying to Muslim Ummah that “The worst among them is the celibate and the best among them is the married one”. (rough translation). How do I align this insight from the Prophet (PBUH) with the desire that a God-fearing woman desires to remain chaste (for her lifetime) simply because she doesn’t wish to marry and her intuition tells her she never will. There are many factors contributing to this from family opinions on spouse, reality of ratio of men to women and ultimate distaste with how couples (both Muslims and Non-Muslims) approach marriage that she has simply lost the will to engage, communicate, or accommodate another person into her life. I feel the crux of the issue is what the Prophet (PBUH) meant by ‘worst’, was the prophet referring to the reality of battling with sexual desire, as I feel women are better at controlling themselves than men. Your academic and spiritual insights would be appreciated. Allah Know Best.



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