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How Can I Supplicate Without Implying Discontent?



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Mar 06, 2017


When I make dua I fear that Allah will count me as ungrateful. How can I make dua without feeling or implying that I am discontent with what I have?



How Can I Supplicate Without Implying Discontent? - About Islam

Asalamu Alaikum,

Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question.

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani from SeekersHub addresses this question in the video below.


How can you make dua for wants in life without implying discontent? The basis of dua is its done out of a sense of neediness to God. And one does it seeking what one thinks what will be good for one in this life and in the next.

But with that, right? So first, it is needless one asks for what one imagines to be of the good of this life or the next.

But thirdly, the third adab of dua is to consign the matter to Allah, [Arabic] I consign that matter of my affair to Allah. [Arabic] For Allah truly knows His servant.

And so, one consigns the matter to Allah and has certitude that Allah will answer in the way that’s good for you.

How and when, that’s up to him not to you. Alright, so those are four adab to uphold with dua, right?

The first is make dua out of neediness. Secondly, seek that which is, that which you think will be of good for you in this life or the next.

Alright, so part of that is don’t ask for duas like they say, [Arabic] they say, Oh Allah I ask you, you know, don’t ask for something that is obviously detrimental. That’s bad adab with Allah (SWT).

So, ask for what appears to be for you’re good in this life and the next. But you consign the matter to Allah because you don’t know what will work, end up being ultimately good for you.

And fourth, you have complete certitude that Allah not only will answer, but that He only inspired you to ask because He willed to give. [Arabic] Your Lord says, call upon me I will answer you.

And there’s an immediacy between the condition and the consequence. It doesn’t say, call upon me so that I may answer you. Because this like it leaves the aspect well, if ya … There’s an immediacy there.

This is actually a point, an article of faith, that dua is answered. It’s an article of faith. It is obligatory for a believer to believe that Allah answers dua. If you open a classical work of aqeeda [creed] … it’s a statement of belief.

The only difference about the answering of dua is some of the great theologians of Islam said you have to have certitude in the answer. The other is you have to have strong reasonable surety.

It’s pretty much exactly the same thing, right? So, that’s a tremendous gift. So, one does it out of this as a slave of Allah.

I hope this helps answer your question. You can also check out more from SeekersHub at the link here.

Walaikum Asalam. Please keep in touch.

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