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How to Balance Exams and Ramadan?

07 April, 2022
Q What are some tips to balance exams and the month of Ramadan? I feel so overwhelmed by all that I must accomplish. Do you have any advice or tips?


Salam alaykum Brother,

Thank you so much for trusting us with your question. First of all, don’t be overwhelmed. There is no reason to be overwhelmed.

As Allah Almighty says:

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{[…] Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship […]} (Qur’an 2: 185)

What you need to do, and this is the most powerful weapon, is make dua constantly from now until Ramadan and during Ramadan. Make dua that Allah facilitates all your affairs and accepts from you everything that you do.

When Allah’s Help descends upon something, it facilitates it and fills it with ease and barakah (blessings) and success. The Prophet (PBUH) said:

Verily supplication is worship. (Related by the four Imams)

So, do not take supplications lightly, as Allah teaches us to say 17 times a day in Surat Al Fatiha throughout our five daily prayers: {You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for help}.

So, Allah is The One who helps His slaves know how to worship Him beautifully in a way that gives them ease and peace.

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So make constant, sincere heartfelt dua to Allah Almighty.

Now, remember that Ramadan is essentially about achieving taqwa (God consciousness).  You can achieve taqwa while studying/working and throughout the day. This is the essence of Ramadan, God consciousness. Please read our previous response on taqwa: What Is Taqwa and What Is Its Reward?

Five Suggestions

Also, here are a few tips:

1- Make constant honest dua to Allah during the day in Ramadan because the dua of the fasting person is accepted. It is actually great that the exams occur while you’re in Ramadan so you can make dua for success and good grades and this should make you feel more hopeful about success and acceptance insha’Allah.

2- Read a few pages of the Qur’an after every prayer. I’m sure you have five minutes after every prayer to read a few pages with contemplation. Qur’an usually increases the barakah in time. So, this will actually facilitate your studying and grant you the ease and blessings of Allah.

3- You can have Qur’an recitation played around you throughout the day as well to get rewards for listening.

4- Make dhikr constantly throughout the day, and be mindful of the dhikr you’re making. Dhikr is effortless but immensely rewarding. The Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) said:

‘Should I not inform you of the best of your deed, and the purest of them with your Master, and the highest of them in your ranks, and what is better for you than spending gold and silver, and better for you than meeting your enemy and striking their necks, and they strike your necks?’ They said: ‘Of course.’ He said, ‘The remembrance of Allah [Most High].’ [Then] Mu’adh bin Jabal [may Allah be pleased with him] said: ‘There is nothing that brings more salvation from the punishment of Allah than the remembrance of Allah.’ (Jami` at-Tirmidhi-emphasis added)

5- If you can’t join the taraweeh for any reason, make sure to pray a few rak’aas of night prayer whenever you can and talk to Allah and connect with Him.

Remember, ‘A’isha is reported to have said that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was asked about the act most pleasing to Allah. He replied:

That which is done continuously, even if it is small. (Sahih Muslim)

You can read this article as well for more tips: Exams and Ramadan: How Can You Make the Best of Both?

May Allah facilitate all your affairs for you.

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