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May 03, 2017


In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. I would like to begin by wishing that Allah blesses the people who are doing such good and bless their families. Why does Allah use expressions such as 'insha'Allah'. What is the difference between when He says it and when we say it? Jazakallahu khairun, wa-salaam.



Why Does Allah Say Insha'Allah? - About Islam

Salam Sharif, 

Thanks for your interesting questions, why does Allah say “insha’Allah”. 

The word “insha’Allah” (God Willing), the expression, when used by Allah, is to teach us that whatever He does, is according to His will. To Him belongs the supreme authority over everything.

He is the One Who has the absolute power. He grants blessings to whomever He wishes, and deprives whomever He likes. 

But we have to bear in mind that even with this infinite power of His, Allah makes us familiar with His overflowing mercy. It is not with His unquestionable power, but with His limitless kindness and not only with His absolute omnipotence. 

This is the stable order governing the universe. Thus, you see that not every time a driver goes beyond the normal speed that an accident occurs; not always that we commit a mistake that we are called to account.

Though He has power to do that, He never uses His mashee`ah (power, will) blindly, unlike we mortals sometimes do. 

But we, human beings, are commanded to say “insha’Allah” to show our belief that nothing can happen but by the will of Allah. Thus, a Muslim is urged to utter the phrase insha’Allah whenever he intends to perform any act. This is as an acknowledgment on his part, that no human action can reach fruition, until the Divine Will comes into play. 

Actually, this is part of what monotheism means in Islam, i.e. to testify that whatever Allah wills does happen. This means that for Man’s dream to materialize, it must be preceded by the divine will. We need to know that Man proposes, while God disposes. 

Allah says in the Quran in Surah 76, verse 30:

{But ye will not, except as God wills; for God is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom.}

I hope this answers your question. Thank you again for contacting us and salam

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