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Muslim Girl Losing Faith: Any Advice? (In-depth Response)

29 February, 2024
Q Many things in Islam don't make sense to me anymore and nothing gets to my heart now. I have been having troubles making duaa, I still pray and try to do what Islam teaches us as much as I can but it's just not working. I have been thinking that maybe Islam is not the right religion, maybe I have been wrong my whole life. And it's not the first time that I have these thoughts, it's just now I think I'm really drifting away. Like I don't exactly get it, what does Islam add to me? I believe that there is God, but why do I need to be a Muslim? Why can't I just believe in God and not be a Muslim? It's a huge problem I know I just need to know how to revert back to Islam. I want to know more about Islam and why I need it. I was born a Muslim so it wasn't really that I chose it for myself. I need to learn more about it and truly choose it. Most of the sites and articles that I have found on the internet are useless. Any advice would be hugely appreciated and thanks in advance.


Short Answer: In a nutshell, we follow Islam because it is the Truth from the Truth Himself. To return to Islam, you must reintroduce yourself to knowing Allah. Immerse in deep study of the Quran, and pray and call Allah for help. Seek good company and don’t cut off your prayers.


(Editor’s Note: In Part 1 of the answer to this question, the topics of Satan’s Classical Tricks and Why the Heart Does Not Feel Anything Anymore were answered. In this second and final part, the remaining questions are addressed).

Why Follow Islam? What Does it Add to Me?

Islam is the Truth.

The Creator doesn’t change His mind and send different religions.

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It has always been the same message from the beginning of time; from Adam, Noah, Abraham, to Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad.

They all came with the message of Islam: i.e. submission to The One and Only Creator and follow the Messengers.

Islam is a complete religion; it provides the perfect path to attain inner and outer purity and growth.

But people don’t like to follow rules or to feel guilty about being mistaken.

So, they try to seek a “feel-good” religion or man-made/adjusted religion/ideology in order to escape any feeling of guilt and just seek a constant state of ease and pleasure.

The reality is, however, people will always follow something in life; it could be money, fame, beauty, power, popularity or science even…etc.

But let’s be honest, these are all limited.

When was getting the most of this worldly life a means for constant happiness?

If you look at celebrities who had everything of the worldly riches, like Robin Williams, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse…etc., why did they commit suicide despite having everything?!

In a nutshell, we follow Islam because it is the Truth from the Truth Himself.

He gives us dignity and gives us meaning and purpose and teaches us and purifies us and elevates us and forgives us and then grants us eternal Paradise; a much vaster reward than anything we’ve ever done or could ever get in this worldly life.

Maybe Islam Isn’t the Right Religion for Me?

If someone gave you the latest expensive iPhone for example, and then you superficially check it, then threw it in your drawer and never actually explore its features.

Then, someone comes and tells you “let me tell you about this new phone I have (a really cheap knock-off brand)”; they start alluring you by all the features in this knock-off brand, so you get impressed.

You start doubting your own phone. You get confused and sad about what you have and you think that maybe it’s not for you; you want this other phone you were told about…

What’s the problem here?

The problem is that you do not even know what you have properly, accordingly you don’t know its worth, and this makes you vulnerable to believing or wanting other things that might be of much lesser value than what you have.

Can I Believe in God Without Being a Muslim?

Good question; I have thoroughly answered it in several occasions, including Can One Adopt Islamic Traditions Without Belief and Belief in Allah with more links at the end of this answer.

Please read them carefully.

How to Return Back to Islam?

1- First and foremost, you have to reintroduce yourself to knowing Allah Almighty

There is absolutely no way you’d know The Ultimate Source of Beauty, Power, Mercy, Might, Glory, Might, Brilliance, Wisdom…. and then leave Him to go to mortal, helpless creatures on earth.

So, learn more about Allah and His Names in depth.

2- Simultaneously, you have to immerse in deep study of the Quran

This is only fair because if you don’t know adequately what Allah said, then how do you doubt Him?

You haven’t even discovered what He said. A deep and interesting study of the Quran will not only put your heart to rest but will also fill your heart and mind with peace, light, serenity and happiness.

Please check this video here, as it provides an easy and interesting plan for delving into the Quran. Give yourself a chance to listen to this speaker’s Quran Tafseer and you will not regret it.

3- Please sincerely make dua and call upon Allah for help

Sincerely talk to Him, He will listen to every word.

He is nearer to you than the screen you’re looking at to read these words now.

If you are sincere about wanting guidance, He will definitely guide you, no doubt about it!

4- You have to find righteous companions

If you have wrong heedless companions, it will definitely weaken you. And if you have righteous friends, they will pull you up.

Make dua to find righteous companions, go to religious lessons/circles to find good friends.

5- Make sure you don’t cut your prayers

You will not increase your faith in Allah or remove your doubts by disconnecting entirely from Him.

Prayer is the connection between you and Allah. So just keep praying, but speak sincerely in it to ask Him for what you need.

Finally, there is nothing on the surface of the earth that will give you a pure sense of peace and light other than the Creator of Peace and Light Himself!

Anything else and anyone else is just limited means, but He is The Source, The Origin. If you re-fall in love with Allah, you will truly be immersed in peace.

May Allah (SWT) be with you and guide you to His Straight Path, sister.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have other questions.

Salam and please keep in touch.

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