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What Do You Do With Your Time?

You know, I realised that there’s one thing that’s really valuable to us all. And no matter what we do, we are never going to have enough of it. And it’s okay because it makes us hold on to our focus, at least mostly.

*Time.* *Time.* *Time?*

Yes, time. Some people run out of it without knowing they even have it. And no matter our phase in life, we need to start learning to appreciate it; a lot of people abuse it at some point in their lives.

You know, some give it mostly to people or things that wouldn’t contribute to life, theirs or anybody’s.

The young think they’ve had it all their lives, the old wish they could steal it.

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What Do You Do With Your Time? - About Islam

You know what I think?

I think that you and I should make the best of it while we can help ourselves, our families, friends, and other people with it. Use it only in all the appropriate ways, and give it only to all the appropriate people.

And the beauty of having it is that we can share it with people too, other people who have the same ideas as we do and who will help us grow, and make the world a better place.

Yes, we can do so much with so little time if we are with the right people and if we do the right things.

It’s all ours now, but it’s not everlasting. Decide now, my lovely, how you are going to make use of yours.

What Do You Do With Your Time?

Yes, time is fleeting. Nothing lasts forever.

No one is promised tomorrow. So make me proud because I’m giving you my best wishes. And I hope you spend your time wisely.

Whatever you do, always remember Allah all the time and fear Allah in all that you decide to do with your time. That’s what matters the most.

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