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Hijab is an Embodiment of Love

Talking about women is actually talking about a great civilization. They play an important role in shaping generations.

Every nation is built from a family, and those who build that family are women. Of course, men take part, but in women’s hands, with their emotional approach, the family would get to live in love and peace.

Hijab is an Embodiment of Love - About Islam

A strong and sturdy generation will be formed through it. She is like the heart of the family. If the family is good, then society will be good. If she’s broken, then the society is broken.

The existence of the hijab shows that Islam is concerned about women, and hijab holds the function of protection for women.

The simplest way to describe hijab is that it is a “crown” of glory for women. This metaphor is not explicitly mentioned in the Our’an, but it is a metaphor that I often hear from the Muslim community in my country (Indonesia).

Islam places women in a noble position. Just like the treatment of a Queen or Princess in their crown, where not just anyone is allowed to touch them, for hijabis, the same applies, where not just anyone is allowed to touch them. The hijab helps women be more protected and respectable.

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Hijabis Love For Hijab

For the majority of Muslim women who wear hijab, their decision is made consciously based on their willingness. It is based on finding inner peace as well.

Hijab comes as a form of love from the creator for his creatures, as mentioned in the Qur’an in Surah al-Ahzab verse 59.

For a Muslim woman who wears it, it becomes the embodiment of love as a creature to her Rabb, which in Islam is known as Taqwa.

Hijab may not be irrelevant to the standards of how women should look in today’s society. As a hijabi, I think precisely the existence of hijab is relevant to saving women from the issues that surround them.

Hijab As Clothing

As clothing, hijab is associated with modesty and protection. In this case, hijab prevents women from receiving inappropriate gazes. It is because hijab covers almost all parts of a woman’s body, so it can hinder certain types of people who see them in a lustful way. This will keep women from any kind of harassment to any extent.

Hijab is an Embodiment of Love - About Islam

Hijab helps women find inner peace. Nowadays, we know how bluntly women are required to be perfect. Insecurity is the biggest thing that happens to most young women. For example, there must be a thought that they will be considered worthy if they look a certain way. 
Actually, it can bring a lot of burdens that can end up hurting them.

In some fields, it is indeed necessary to feel insecure in order to have awareness of self-development. However, in this case, hijab comes not to cover up the feeling of shame of a young woman who feels insecure about her body, but to make her feel proud.

Hijab reminds Muslim women, in all its glory, that they are made perfectly. Also, it reminds them of “Taqwa”, whose roots are formed from love. It is explainable as “hijab is not just about fashion; hijab is an obligation towards Allah.”

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