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The Basic and Major Concepts in Islam

Islam is the true religion of the world and has the second-largest followers. It is the religion of the world, starting from the beginning and being followed till the end. Due to their eternal nature and comprehensive guidelines, their basic beliefs remain constant and are not changed at any cost.

It is one of the key reasons that attracts non-Muslims to follow and obey the rules and regulations.

The Concept of Allah

Allah is the only creator of the universe. It is the basic faith in Islam that the follower must follow the one and only God and consider Him the creator, the greatest, the largest, and the supreme power. According to the Qur’an, Allah is one and not responsible for accountability, and no one is like Him.

These concepts give the strength of power to the followers and exclude all those who claim Allah’s authority.

The Basic and Major Concepts in Islam - About Islam

The Basic Beliefs About Allah Include the Following:

1: Allah is the one and only God.
2: Allah is the creator of the whole universe, including humans.
3: He has neither children nor parents.
4: He is supreme and omnipotent.
5: He can do everything; nothing is impossible.
6: He is the one to who we will return.
7: Allah will judge everyone equally.
8: Allah is transcendent.
9: Allah is immanent.

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The Concept of the Messengers

Allah has sent His messengers to righteously guide His servants to the straight path. These pious, innocent, chosen, and selected humans are the messengers or Prophets of Allah. The only mission all these messengers have is to convey the message of Allah and guide His people in the right direction.

Approximately, one lakh and twenty-four thousand messengers were sent for this mission, although about 25 names are mentioned in the Qur’an.

Some Important Beliefs About Messengers Include:

1: They were humans.
2: They were chosen by Allah. 3: They were guided by Allah.
4: They preached Islam.
5: They were specific to a specific area and time, except for the last Prophet (PBUH).
6: Some Prophets have unique characters.
7: They act as a role model for everyone.
8: They reprimand the polytheists and atheists.
9: All Prophets were brave, generous, honest, perspicacious, and spiritual teachers.
10: Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is the last Prophet of Allah.

The Concept of Angels

Angels are the non-human created by Allah. They were created from light, and every time you pray to Allah, believing in angelic existence is a fundamental part of the Islamic faith. Angels are the amazing creators of Allah. The Qur’an and hadith both give us thoughts about Angels.

The Basic and Major Concepts in Islam - About Islam

The Basic Belief of a Muslim About Angels Include the Following:

1: They were created from light and perform Allah’s commands every time.
2: They are innocent and sinless.
3: Angels perform various works like conveying revelations, bringing rain to the earth, blowing the air, protecting humans, recording our deeds, etc.
4: They are different from human beings, not having a will like humans.
5: They have no gender. 6: Although the exact number is unknown, four of them are noble and are seen as the main angels.
7: The exact functions, duties, and roles of all angels are known to Allah only.

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