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Key and Fundamental Principle of Islam

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The Concept of Divine Books

Islam, the true and eternal religion of the world has a comprehensive and complete guidance system for its followers, and Allah (SWT) has revealed four major books to His messengers, and all these messengers were the true reflectors, explanators, and preachers of these books, and they conveyed the book’s message to all the people in an effective way.

Due to Allah’s commands and orders to His followers, Muslims have the following belief about these holy books. These books are; Zabur (Psalms) which was sent to Prophet David (Dawud), Torah sent to Prophet Moses (Musa), Injeel (Gospel) sent to Prophet Jesus (Isa), and the Qur’an which was sent to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Basic Belief of a Muslim About the Holy Books

1: Allah revealed these books for the guidance of His followers.
2- The main and major books are only four.
3: The Qur’an is now the major book for the believers to follow.
4- The Qur’an is the complete code of life and contains all the comprehensive rules for human life.
5- Only the Qur’an is still in it original state, and no one can change anything in the Qur’an.
6- Allah protected the Qur’an from any distortion.  
7- The Qur’an was revealed in the Arabic language.

Key and Fundamental Principle of Islam - About Islam

The Concept of Qayama (Resurrection)

As mentioned earlier, everyone is responsible for his or her own deeds. It is also mentioned in the Qur’an that everyone would get the reward of their deeds.

In Islam, the reward of each person’s deeds shall be given on a specific day called ”The Judgement Day, Resurrection Day, or the Day of Qayamat”, and before that day, there are events that indicate the nearness of Qayamat.

The Basic Belief of a Muslim About Qayamat

1- The Qayamat has a specific time and it will come on that day. 2: All the people from the beginning to the end will be gathered. 3- On that day, everyone shall receive their proper rights, and there will be no injustice.
4- On that day, believers will be successful and the infidels will be given hell fire.
5- The record of every person shall be given to the respective persons.

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The Concept of Rights and Wrong

Any action a human can perform in this world will fall into two categories which are ”wright and wrong‘, and Islam has already documented, that every man and woman are responsible for their deeds, and according to their actions they shall receive their reward on the day of Qayamat.

In Islam, the action will be right if it is according to Allah’s command and His Prophet, Muhammed (S.A.W) teachings, because morality is the key part of the right action and Islam has strongly emphasized on having good characters.

The Basic Belief of a Muslim About Right and Wrong Are:

  • 1- All actions that are according to Allah’s command are right.
    2- Islam has a proper and defined boundaries of right and wrong.
    3- Every individual should follow the Islamic principle of right and wrong or good and bad, instead of using their own concept.
    4- The person who has done the right thing shall receive a good reward and there will be hellfire for those doing wrong.
    5- As Muslims, we are not free to do what comes to our mind

The Concept of Death

It is a universal truth that every individual shall taste death. Humans, animals, and other living things shall die before the day of judgment. But, there is a difference in the concept of the ”After-life”. According to the Muslim theology, ”death is the beginning of a new life which is in the form of Heaven or hell”.

The Basic Belief About Death Are:

1- Death is not the end of our lives, it is actually the beginning of a new life.
2- Every individual has a specific time which they are spending in this world.
3- Not only humans but all other things shall be destroyed before the day of judgment.
4- After death, every human shall get their reward. i.e. good or bad.
5- Both life and death are according to the will of Allah.


The basic belief of a Muslim about Allah is that, He has the ultimate and eternal power and He has sent down many messengers to the earth for the guidance of mankind.

Muslims have the faith that He is responsible for their every deed, and according to their deeds, they will get the rewards, i.e., heaven or hellfire. May Allah make us true followers of Islam.

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