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Putting Allah in Every Step You Take

People in their twenties are mostly described as ambitious figures who have high enthusiasm for achieving their dreams.

However, the reality is that this generation is also easily lost. What is worse now is that this generation also sees suicide as an option.

In my early twenties, I had a conversation with a friend, which was quite surprising to me. She said, ”she no longer found meaning in her life and that it was fine for her to just die”. Her life is like “she lives life because she lives.” The fatigue she felt on her journey brought her towards emptiness.

Although we are the same age, but at that time I think I am still too young to understand her pain. So, the best choice that could be made at that time was to just be a listener.

However, many questions came to mind, and there were parts that I don’t quite understand.

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But then, there was a phase that hit me, and it brought a little bit of understanding towards the emptiness she felt. At that time. My father gave me a piece of advice where he said, ”Make it clear about your intention”.

Putting Allah in Every Step You Take - About Islam

My father himself was a spiritual man. Most of the advice he gives to his family members is related to spirituality. “Make it clear about your intention” is not just about the intention regarding the achievements that we want, or simply, it is not just about what and who, but he always emphasised, “Put Allah in every step you take.”

It’s not just advice a father gives to his daughter; he commits to it.

Once, there was heavy, thunderous rain, and my father was still doing his work. My mother was worried, and she asked him to stop. My father took a break when the time came, and then he said, “(as head of the family), I intend this for the sake of the family.

Through these words, he tried to bring peace to himself and my mother. Also, behind those words, there is a faith embedded in him that “Allah provides protection for him in carrying out his duties as head of the family.”

Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah Ayah 152,

“So remember Me, and I shall remember you; give thanks to Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me for My favours.”

Al-Baqarah Ayah 152

Personally, based on what my father taught me, I found peace in the process. Putting Allah in every step means “what I do is because of Allah.” Because everything is directed towards Allah, it will give the feeling that “Allah is watching.

Thus, all expectations about the results, as well as fears or disappointments that might come in the process, can be broken.

As a young person, when anxiety takes over and you find it’s hard to commit. In the next Ayah, Allah explains how to find peace.

“Believers! Seek help in patience and in prayer; Allah is with those that are patient.”

Al-Baqarah, 153.

Putting Allah in every step that is directed to getting His love means directing ourselves to live life towards a goal. When we know where we want to go, every step we take will lead to that destination.

This means that this step is maintained and carried out consciously. This is a step that leads us towards meaning and keeps us away from emptiness.

Allah is with those that are patient. Truly, you are never alone.”

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