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Learning Patience as a Convert (Poem)

Sabr صَبْرٌ, the first Arabic word I encountered.

I didn’t understand it in the beginning,

So that’s when my research had started,

Initially, I learned patience is it’s meaning.


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There is more to just simply being patient,

It is for us to remain spiritually steadfast.

In goodness, to consistently be persistent,

Endurance during hardship is a must.


From the prohibitions of Allah, Sabr صَبْرٌ means restraining,

Keeping away from what displeases Him.

From thoughts, words and the actions we are doing,

Only pleasing Allah is our main aim.


Also, Sabr صَبْرٌ is the acceptance of Allah’s decree,

Whatever happens He is in complete control.

We should have full trust and just let things be,

And remember that Paradise is our goal.


It doesn’t mean patience even in the wrong,

Anything that is not pleasing to Allah we cannot do.

We can surely say “No” to not suffer lifelong,

We cannot hide from Allah, so we better be true.


One word and yet a lot of meaning,

And we all must learn and understand.

To act upon more than anything,

So the reward in the hereafter would be grand.

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About Umm Asiyah
I reverted to Islam in 2014. Alhamdulillah. It hasn't been the same since. And I had started to do poetry in relation to my Islamic journey.