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20 Popular Questions Asked by Teens

Your parents say one thing. Your friends say another. But what does Islam say regarding relationships, crushes and other issues facing teens today? Many people write to us with questions that perhaps they wouldn’t be too comfy asking mom, the sheikh or even their bestie. We’ve compiled a list of questions we get asked on …


Common Questions New Muslims Ask

50 Common Questions New Muslims Ask

It took 23 years for the complete Holy Quran to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. So why do we assume that once we convert to Islam that we will automatically know and understand all things in Islam? It’s near impossible. Here at AboutIslam.net we offer Q&A services and there is a …


The New Muslim's Field Guide

The New Muslim’s Field Guide (Book Review)

One thing that resonates throughout the book is the need to maintain your own person. How being Muslim isn’t about being Arab, Indian, or any other ethnicity. They explain how Islam was sent for all of mankind and how many of us converts believe that when we embrace Islam, that we are embracing a different culture.


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