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Saleema Dawood is freelance writer from South Africa whose work has been published in several publications, writing for kids publications being her most favored genre. She is a mom to two step daughters and one sprightly toddler.

Author Articles

prophet Ibrahim

The Family of Prophet Ibrahim (Story for Kids)

The story of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and his  family was filled with constant test and trials to prove their love and faith to Allah. As a result of their sacrifices, the blessings of their good actions are still present with this Ummah today. Hijrah to Allah Prophet Ibrahim, his wife Hajar and …


Story time

Story Time – Hasan and His Nana

Hasan was excited. It was going to be his best Ramadan ever. Nana (grandfather) would be spending Ramadan at his home this year. That meant listening to lots of funny stories of Nana when he was young, living in the village in India. However, Hasan knew that he and Nana would not be able to …


good day

For Ladies: Have a Good Day, the Islamic Way

A Blessed Morning Wake up in the morning with gratitude in your heart. Express gratitude that all your limbs and faculties are intact and that Allah has blessed you with another day to serve Him. You could’ve woken up with a bad headache or aches and pains but if your health is in order, give …


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