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Hot Discussions on Race, Polygamy at The Black American Muslim Conference

Hot Discussions on Race, Polygamy at the Black American Muslim Conference

The Black American Muslim Conference featured intriguing workshops and hot-topic discussions. On the second day of the conference, held 19-21 April in Atlanta, Georgia, participants poured in to hear the first two panel discussions concerning Marriage and polygamy. The workshop titled, “Go Get Your Own Man!” A Hard Look at Polygyny and Interracial Marriage was presented …


Black American Muslims Convene in Atlanta

Featuring a galaxy of Muslim scholars, teachers, and activists, the Second Annual Black Muslim Conference (BAMC) is taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, at the famous World Congress Center. Lamppost Education Initiative, a non-profit organization focusing on promoting a clear and accurate picture of Islam and addressing the moral and socio-political concerns of American-born Muslims, launched …


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