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Why Are My Supplications Not Answered? - About Islam

Raya Shokatfard

Raya Shokatfard holds an MA in Journalism/Mass Communications and an M.A.D. in TV journalism. BA in Communication and BA in Islamic Studies. She has been Islamic propagator in the U.S and Egypt for many years and academic lecturer, writer, international presenter, consultant, foreign correspondent. She can be reached at: [email protected]

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Prophet Muhammad: Master of Tolerance - About Islam

Prophet Muhammad: Master of Tolerance

Since Prophet Muhammad wished to avoid war at all costs, he strove to bring about a peace agreement between him and the Makkans. After great efforts on his part, the non-Muslims agreed to a ten-year peace treaty, which was drafted and signed at Al-Hudaybiyyah, a place outside Makkah.


Zakah and the Economic System in Islam - About Islam

Zakah and the Economic System in Islam

Muslims around the world wonder why despite of the immense resources in their countries and around the world, they have been suffering economic deprivation for centuries! What has gone wrong? Let us first take a closer look at the Islamic economic system from the time of the Prophet Muhammad…


You've Got to Have Hope! - About Islam

You’ve Got to Have Hope!

Unlike the modern techniques that pump the person with hope without adequate attention on the consequence of inappropriate deeds, Islam encourages both and reminds the person that all our deeds are recorded and will be presented to us on the Day of Judgment.


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