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Maria Zain

Maria Zain author who passed away in December 2014.

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Ramadan Budget

The Grand Ramadan Budget Plan

Once upon many Ramadans ago, the Holy Month was a month of feasting. In many Muslim countries, one of the greatest cultures of Ramadan was the setting up of the Ramadan Bazaar, where sellers of all walks of life would showcase their cuisine, obviously for the consumption of the masses. While this is a way …


Muslim Teens & Hyper-Sexualized Environment

Muslim Teens & Hyper-Sexualized Environment

Iblis (satan) refused to participate in the ceremonial prostration towards Adam (PBUH), and was thus cursed by Allah (SWT), banished from the comfortable abode of Jannah. Humiliated and dejected, Iblis hatched a plan of revenge against Adam (PBUH) and Hawwa, luring them to the forbidden tree. After repeated waswasa (evil whisper), it worked. Our parents …


Israa and Miraj story

Read the Story of Israa’ and Mi`raj to Your Kids

Editor’s note: In a narrative writing style, we present to parents the story of Isra and Mi`raj so that they can read it to their young kids during the occasion. With a soft voice and in a spiritual atmosphere, gather your kids and read to them this article, or you can even record it in your voice, …


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