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Maria Zain

Maria Zain author who passed away in December 2014.

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What Are the Happy Vibes in the Quran? - About Islam

What Are the Happy Vibes in the Quran?

A while back, I wrote about the Quran’s remedy for sadness and unearthed some rejuvenating stories from the Quran of those of the past and their dealings with extreme sorrow. If there is a remedy for sadness in Allah’s book, then naturally there is avenue for happiness.


The Laws of Happiness - About Islam

The Laws of Happiness

An important element for every Muslim to find ultimate contentment in life, no matter how difficult the circumstances are, is to strike a balance between this worldly life and the next life.



Today’s Parenting: Balancing Between Us and Them

Children are blessings. It’s a known fact. When an impending birth is being announced in the Quran, there is always a narration of the angels announcing joyous tidings. It’s no wonder that Muslim families often celebrate their children and tend to have many. Many children, many blessings. It does seem like the most natural way …


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