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For the past decade, Laura El Alam has been a regular contributor to numerous Islamic publications. Her articles have been published in SISTERS Magazine, Al Jumuah, About Islam, and Muslim Matters. Her Facebook Page,  The Common Sense Convert, offers advice, support, and education for Muslim women, particularly new converts.

Author Articles

5 Life-Changing Lessons My Muslim Friends Taught Me

5 Life-Changing Lessons I learned From Muslim Friends

Like many converts to Islam, I had been raised with several morals and practices that were quite similar to Islamic values. This made the transition quite easy in some ways. My Christian parents had taught me to strive for honesty, kindness, fairness, self-discipline, and God-consciousness, so these concepts were not new to me when I …


A Final Push for Frazzled Moms before the End of Ramadan

A Final Push for Frazzled Moms before End of Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of challenge and striving.  We Muslims push ourselves to perform good deeds and acts of worship while displaying self control in the face of hunger, thirst, and fatigue. Twenty-four hours hardly seems enough time to accomplish enough each day, particularly for mothers whose duties never end. From early morning until late …


My Non-Muslim Dad Loved Ramadan

My Non-Muslim Dad Loved Ramadan

When my dear Christian father was still alive, he loved the month of Ramadan. At first we wondered if it was just a coincidence that his visits always seemed to coincide with our holiest month, but then Dad confirmed that his travel plans were deliberate. He explained that he enjoyed being with us during Ramadan …


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