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Dr. Mona Youssri is a ‎child psychiatrist, family counselor & Founder at Creative Learning Center educational group.

Mona Youssri is having 17 years experience as a teacher, including two years as a head teacher (special needs). She has a special sense for children. Following up on her wealth of experience with children, and her MB Bch. at Qasr el Aini Medical School in Egypt, Mona Youssri is currently researching into psychiatry and neurology. She is CLC Founder.

Author Articles


School Homework Could Be Effortless!!

The traditional scene in manyhomes is the daily quarrel and nagging about completing the child’s homework. Mothers complain all the time about how they spend hours of their precious lifetime tryingto reinforce their children to complete their assignments. The mothers’ sacrifice could reach the extent of not going out nor doing any personal requirement just …



Raising a Human

Before marriage, all potential parents dream of their honorable offspring and vow on how they will be raising a strong personality or even a hero. Many mothers decide not to work in order to be there for their children. Then, their dream comes true and reality steps in. They are truly blessed with a wonderful …


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